How To Choose The Right Crowdfunding Site

Just because you have a great idea in your head doesn’t mean it will materialise. Inventing something — apps, games, products — is serious business. You really have to know what you’re doing before setting off. And money, you have to have investors.

Forget about begging the bank for a loan. These days, you can get money from anyone. It’s called crowdfunding Forget Kickstarter: How To Crowdfund From Your Own Website Crowdfunding has taken off in a big way in the past few years. But you don’t need to use a service like Kickstarter if you’re already running your own popular website. Read More . If you’ve ever been on Kickstarter Inside Kickstarter #1: An Exclusive Look At Pressy — How A Project Is Born What does it take to launch a Kickstarter project? Can anyone do it? We’ve hunted down a promising Kickstarter project to try and find some answers. This is not a Kickstarter project you’ve heard about…. Read More , you’ll know what crowdfunding is all about. But what if Kickstarter denies your idea? What then?

If you think you have the next great thing in your head, and you’re dying to make it a reality, check out this flowchart and get the funds you need!

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