Late Autism Diagnosis – I Know, I'm A Doctor.

Good morning tip good to see you again now what brings you here today to your trusty old GP oh you’ve been consulting dr. Google again have you mmm interesting what is it this time oh right hmm you think you’re on the autism spectrum interesting I haven’t heard that one before no no I’m not dismissing you I’m just saying.

That you know you’ve been here a few times with a few different concepts about your mental health and maybe this is just another one of those things oh I’m sure you do meet a lot of the criteria I.

Mean there are a lot of criteria hmm yeah you want you’d like a referral to a specialist psychologist what for female Asperger’s because.

There’s a lot of them around here I’m not dismissing you don’t take me wrong I mean I’ve been seeing.

You for a long time now tip and there’s been a lot of you know things we’ve discussed here though hmm.

Yeah I mean of course Google is very Stara you know.

Sarah’s your old the old GP yeah I know you’ve got OCD you’ve had your eating problems and I do still think it’s just.

Your eating disorder that’s the main problem here and a bit of nerves mmm the dysphoria yes anxiety depression yes they all do fit under the headlines you are correct but you can’t really be you know diagnosed with autism.

In you mid 20 years and you’re female you know there’s a lot of you in though I don’t quite think you’re understanding what I’m saying I don’t really think you’re barking up the right tree hmm okay tip how about if the symptoms still persist in a.

Few more weeks come back and I’ll think about doing that referral to your autism specialist hmm yes I just don’t think the doctor grew Google knows any better than you know you could old real doctor that actually exists you.
Know I know I’m not a specialist in the area but.

I’m just giving you the old we know rational peace of mind because you know I know everything well not everything that I’m a doctor.

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