California Family Found Real Blood In Their Daughters Soft Drinks Starbucks Them Offer Free Drinks

A man devices daughter Payton has always had a sweet tooth so when she got a Frappuccino at the san bernardino starbucks back in 2016 payton took a few sips she was licking the whipped cream where it had was sitting on top what a man that didn’t realize until she looked close is there was more than chocolate and whipped.

The drink there was blood on and in their cup it was on the inside of the rim of.

My Frappuccino amanda says after she contacted the starbucks they confirmed that a barista had been bleeding and they agreed to have her stop making drinks they also offered her family free drinks for a week I thought it.

Was I sort of belittling she says she was worried about her health and that of her daughter she didn’t know if drinking that blood could get them sick I thought maybe I’d be a little bit more at peace if they would get they would have her tested the one who is bleeding when the store didn’t agree to that Amanda.
Turned to an attorney he says filing a lawsuit now two years later.

Is their last resort the intention was to always try to resolve this with Starbucks and had they acted in a responsible way we wouldn’t be here today Starbucks wouldn’t.

Answer specific questions about the.

Case only providing a statement that says we are aware of this claim that allegedly took place in 2016 and are prepared to present our case in court Amanda hopes the company will make changes so something.

Like this never happens again but in the meantime she’s careful about what she orders wherever she goes or you know constantly double-checking everything we get because now I just don’t I don’t trust I don’t trust I mean anybody in.
San Bernadino Tina Patel CBS 2 News..

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