Part 3 Of Mystery Drinks

Hello everyone this is part three of the scoot over mystery drinks what we have to do I live here do you want to sorry yeah that’s what you started with lesson now time to switch some cups around no I mean on the porch Lindsay here at our local nursery no you don’t need three good ones she can have.

A reindeer cookie if she wants to have a reindeer you know yeah well don’t be.

Selfish with your friends Wednesday morning did you get one with the Ranger on it yeah doesn’t it taste like peanut butter it’s not supposed to you forgot the.

Trash we saw one of the delicious trucks okay pick that up though cuz my.

Dogs could die if they get to it because of what it has hot sauce no no really embrace which around.
And all these goes from the top to here it’s this one two three.

Four five six seven eight nine times but you said it doesn’t I know but I mixed up okay I’m so proud to this now we got six one two three four well Lizzie 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 I still haven’t recovered from my hot sauce it’s a good one I got 7.

No okay you know see okay so now we’re taking out for one’s a u-turn she really doesn’t want we’re taking up them out as we finish them so this is our last.

Round if we finish all the drinks so please hurry up I will drink anything people say please six seven just drink it all so we can be.

Done with okay okay six I really hope joints around.

Then hurry up I like Twitter wheel lamps tamia five minutes to finish off these in the artery oh I’m sorry you have to go on it to be lost.
From no do you want this to be the.

Last for hunt was I know but I don’t you really throw it up if you just skim your mouth and.

Then go from that you didn’t even drink it fine wash out in the sink thank you thank you what you.

Have to drink something else disgusting there that drink that oh so it’s water and hospice nope what the hot sauce is washed out most of it see you have two rings down yeah I’ll tell you rapper just try to get see you don’t thank you you gotta to it unless you.

Wanna drink Lyndsey time for the next round when we apply blacks as I literally just eliminated like half over because this is really torture to you so these ones I can’t say are good ones and now I’m in a bonus week no no it’s good to be good stop it.

It’s a bonus if you do good Lindsay if you do fine you can have it if you get up and do what you’re supposed to just one.

Nope finish these five and we have two minutes two three four minutes to do that so honey yeah ChaCha hey wait that’s my turn no it’s my turn right okay did you actually drink something now it’s your turn just water one note for doing that I revived a light for you so thank you just stick it in in there wash it out or something hey there’s three left that one’s going off on that’s.

How fish these she’s like you’ll probably end up getting it okay cuz it’s your turn now so you.

Would get one of those no man I just had it turn my turn your turn Mike yeah that’s not how it works I’ll tell you everyone the rules but we have two minutes Lindsey okay to finish these you get that one I get this one I got that one I’m not drinking dump it just put this in fridge oh it’s okay.

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