Drunk As A Skunk! Way Too Many Drinks! – Red Dead Redemption 2 –

Already where do we go from here it’s that a bounty hunter which will kill where do we go you go back to base kill the bounty and I don’t it’ll kill the bounty hunter let’s go Jim Ausmus forty biddies shuddhi anybody else want a piece how much how much money I’ll cure no money no mind I’ll do the.

Trick I am Pony doesn’t work oh the deer fell off why are you got to be such a boho alright wait rest I want to rest now leave change.

Vegetables sup eat out of the lot so just in case I knew a clue I’m Robert hey hey sir sir Sir sir or I can jump to the wagon what are you gonna know how hmm what are you gonna do now how.

Are your horse’s tail yeah what of it you saw nothing you saw nothing you sent up egg yeah you saw nothing.

Shh repress the police dushaan I wanted go we.

Is motor cheeks here I wish I had the little sound bite mr.

Thomas downs you owe me money oh no no we ain’t a charity mr.
dan ball oh please I have a family sir please yeah Oh how’s my toast tastes are my toasting yeah give me the money give me the money you borrowed money from my business partner hair.

Strands Oh him he wants it back what’s not to understand so you place more than it’s worth then sell your wife.

Are your family is something we ain’t your idea charity knows what are you looking at Thomas I said what you looking at woman husband isn’t well nobody’s tough tough life slit deliver get me the goddamn money I need my Monday real question what is he.

Doing yeah for the most part yes I just.

Go to would it be a rockstar game without some nice guys nice old mean people sir my.

Turning music down there’s a kid here now oh it’s fine okay a little shit Trevor was a nice guy yeah Trevor was such a kind soul he could have been like he started like out in an orphanage for kids he was not so good he’s almost dead and they see more or less testitude you were fool for lending than the money they’re people who aren’t desperate don’t seem so interested in my propositions.

Course of course landing I mean I was just missing the needle so nice Dutch.

Or Reverend Swanson or javi Oh yours will be down there with us go to Dutch I guess it is loud ass music Safdie does so she feels like we’re finally getting back for them bombs we still not yet but Jose is working on it when we hadn’t west soon I don’t know never feels like things have changed no world’s changed and they don’t want folk like us no.

More we’re being hunted we are smarter than them only the feeblest of man take jobs in the government Oh cross torch mr. Morgan yeah after they got Myka Dutch what’s going on he’s been arrested for murder he was in strawberries okay son breathe they nearly list me I knew Mike was gonna be the Bohol they got Micah in the sheriff’s in strawberry and there’s.

Talk of hanging him there’s open water what the food brought this on himself you know my feelings about him do I think I can’t see past his bluster to the Jardin side he is a fine man he sucks right shaving that fool I can’t go my face will be all over West Elizabeth I am asking he would do it for you okay okay there be.

Town Valentine not strawberry get him drunk and Arthur no crazy business I’m doing that up and you get Micah out of that Jail no I want.