How To Make Keurig Drinks

Today I’m going to show you how to make four different drinks using your Keurig brewer what you’re gonna need is water a coffee mug tea coffee cake cups and hot chocolate the very first step is to put water in your Keurig then you turn it on now you just wait for the machine the heat up let’s start with.

The most popular drink coffee first you select your mug then you select.

Your pot and place it in the machine you then can choose to make whatever size coffee you want you can also choose to make it strong enough when you’re all set click the flashing.

Button to start brewing you and just like that you have a nice warm cup of coffee now the next popular drink that you can make with a Keurig is herbal tea to make this all you need is.

A regular tea bag all you do is place a cup and even though there is no pot in the hole you close the handle and it gives you a new option you click dispense hot water now you choose what size you want then after you’re all set you click the flashing button.

To start brewing your hot water now after your hot water is all set you take your water and simply put a teabag in you let that steep just like.

You would normal tea the next drink I want to show you how to make is hot cocoa I have two different types and two different ways to make them first off we’re going to use the powdered cocoa we are just going to make hot water like we do with the tea and.

Then add the powder now the second way to make hot cocoa with the Keurig is to use a hot cocoa k cup I have these ones.
Right here now to make this drink it takes a.

Couple unique steps first you place your mug and then you put your cake up in the machine now the important step is to click hot cocoa or other then you select.

The size you want then you click the flashing button to start now that you have your hot cocoa there’s one more step to the process after you make hot cocoa you have to do a rinse cycle in the machine this.

Is very important in order to make sure the machine is running correctly and is clean all you do.
Is take a mug remove your k-cup and run a hot water cycle then you’re.

Done that’s how you make all this wonderful drinks with your Keurig I hope the video was helpful thank you for watching.