Trying Japanese Drinks While Stranded In A Car

Hey guys we’re stranded in the middle of a car dealership and because their tires thought and they’re closed so they can help us so we had to call somebody at you come and get us some air for our tires and we just got back from the grocery store and I found this I really wanted to try out so.

And somebody on this I’m gonna try this I’ve never tried this before I.

Mean know how to open the bottle I know it pops or something what’s this you hold it like this so you’re someone talking it’s my mother being loud so vicious mom come here look come here okay bye bye bye close it okay so we’re.

Gonna try this I think it pops and what is this little wise our tool about things you hold on shush please please oh I see look at that mom don’t even look over here so when the first direction is do not allow small children assign the directions of subtractions Shh liftoff green cap.

Done and push down the center release opener I don’t want to it looks so cool place open on the top grab that bottle and press on the firmly in your palm no place the opener into the top of the bottle keep pressure for five seconds remove the green opener this is too complicated for Trista Don hey Linda how do you do this what I’m trying to open this see look it’s like.

A Japanese drink and you gotta open it no you don’t do like that oh no you do it just everyone with.

This opener thing oh yeah yeah oh I had to take that off okay gotcha oh god I’m scared I’m okay please stay on top of them mmm press down firmly with your palm mmm.

Okay hold for five seconds nine to five really I thought we count the Tony moly lick the students I’m just kidding oh my god calm down this is important no I didn’t know that is.

Scary boom hands dirty can have napkin that was scary that was scary okay that was so scary that was so scary okay yeah it’s like fizzy see that’s real looking you know they’re really in glad annoying my friend Tom back here should be good for you it is it’s strawberry noise that’s a ball oh wow you push down on then that pops open Wow it’s just like a snow better drink probably yeah but it’s from.

Japan so it’s cool home yeah let’s do an advertisement skies okay we’re doing advertising the hush I’m I’m doing a commercial for these what’s it even say don’t know cuz I don’t read it I don’t know how to speak it get your fizzy strawberry drink some just stop.

Link in description they don’t know how to be quiet so my commercial stuff you hear that that’s cool strawberry tastes like strawberry strawberry.

And glass and then stops balling it and that’s cool so cool my husband Grayson I’m so wait til I get done talking diet I’m done I finished my drink yeah it’s cool hey guys if you enjoyed this weird video I’m.

So broke now if I am NOT starved and dead by tomorrow I’ll let you know see guys next video subscribe.