We Tried Lamplight Lounge Food & Drinks! Vlog | Koalitytv

We don’t know what to say we’re here with Lena and it’s gonna be like a double Disney date so yeah we’re just gonna take again longer this and I hope you enjoy I meant to say we’re at DC ohmygosh tequila I feel like tequila’s always safe since I already but it’s which is it good that tastes like girls.

Mine it’s good yeah like it strong I thought you liked orange I give you before what do you think of your drink of our drink at the same thing because it’s not drink it while it was so bubbly I did like taste.

So what’s that one and it was that one but crispy to you me and I got to day possible oh my god right there it’s good to be honest.

You just don’t know how to feel yeah the meter follow up our trying so just had the ended up being super.

Spicy or like the spices ended up like collectively being super spicy for me so I could have finished.

It and then this drink was good at first but once the dry ice went out I just did not like that anymore so both of us are finally leaving land play lounge and words we can admittedly say that we’re both you know she chucked her drink and mine just got worse over the time got bitters we’re just gonna go get more food because we’re still hungry yeah you’re laughs light lounge like the food.

It’s okay but actually honestly grab your drinks and light light lounge enjoy the scenery but go in.

Either have eaten or he’s going in the mindset that you’re gonna get food out because right now.

Yahoo did not go me up and now I’m gonna.

Go to studio catering to get me myself my obviously nacho oh this at Disneyland y’all or whatever what you think what you think we’re gonna do that whatever they’re doing I got it my first.

AP pin so it’s about 156 and I think this is like the nicest experience we have it not so much because of like anything bad or VIP or experiences or anything like that but so much because like everything’s pretty chill.

We’re actually just enjoying so yeah the fact that we’re in the happiest place on earth say in general I feel like right now we’re really enjoying ourselves are overloaded with food kind of went overboard and try.

To eat as much as we could just because we got a little bit tipsy and I don’t think that really helped us I’m not 684 so she isn’t either we are now really cool this makes us really lazy.

You have anything to say to people I’m tired we’re doing so much I’m really happy to be here she’s happy to be here and I just always love.

Enjoying didn’t that whistle Mena wannabe he doesn’t matter what we’re doing it’s you wanna be yeah if you guys are a huge Disney attic like we are you’ll see how like much we just appreciate the fact of just being here general.

Fishes garage and plus we can’t it’s nominated Nikki otherwise who would have done this is so cute this is new oh you’re ready originally Dominguez I think like this how much yeah.

I chose people that is like your results I get Yanis you you wanna go ahead so it was our first time doing the drawing animation get kind of because their first time doing that it was a lot of fun here’s our final product I think away just like the bus no it was funny because when I first started I.