Man Drinks Soup From The Ladle At A Supermarket

And people wonder why I don’t be buying my soup from supermarkets it’s cuz of guys like this this man is literally putting his mouth on the soup ladle drinking the soup and putting the soup ladle back whose man’s is this tell me whose man’s is this somebody get your man’s because this is by far the most stupid disgusting.

And ignorant I’ve ever seen like that’s so nasty like you’re telling me there’s not a there’s not a sample cup for you to go try out the soup but you end up just sampling the soup from.

The ladle and furthermore why is there no worker stopping this guy not even the cameraman is stopping this guy this guy’s just literally blatantly standing there like it’s a normal Tuesday just hey hey man just drinking the soup from the soup ladle it’s no Monday so whatever supermarket you guys go to whether it’s you know Whole Foods Safeways Lucky’s Albertsons just make sure you don’t go to that supermarket that he’s at.