Red Dead Redemption 2 Saloon – Just A Few Drinks

There girl just one or two right off of course just a drink John we get a couple of beers please you I don’t want no trouble you’ll get enough from me I was defending myself on TV Thank You Micah seem to know a lot of people that was the problem now you mean I mean I don’t seen a.

Lot of crazy crazy crazy crazy stuff will you shut up but you shut up be quiet buddy oh they’re dirt.

My lord you managed oh the latest fool alone buddy your charming fellow one of the best but me and the kid here we’re trying to talk business so could you possibly leave us alone no offense intended me no pleasing some folk just trying to be friendly Oh I’m afraid you know we’re aware I’ve no idea you know we swear my friend we don’t know are you doing Hey like it alone you.

Goddamn animals who do you think you’re talking to nobody I’m talking to know what did you say what I said what did you.

Say buddy shut up mister yeah.

Shut your mouth mister anyway that now a unclad you got the wrong fella Angela damn it Lenny stop stomping off on me there’s no will you yeah good.
Friend of me off cheers Cheers not you again oh you moron not again..