Oliver Drinks Mib Sugar In Water Episode 177

Hello everyone and welcome to the Halloween special for this year and we’re gonna be doing for Halloween we’re gonna be doing men and black sugar in water because that’s what Edgard drank was sugar and butter so we’re gonna we’re gonna give that a shot and we’re gonna find out how does that taste so I’ve got a cup of.

Water right here oh man my hand looks like really cool check that out that looks really cool my hand and I’ve got some some sugar and you know the movie doesn’t really say how much egg are.

Like to drink for the sugar and water so I’m just gonna add you know if Edgar was.

Here in his egg bar suit you know what would what would he drink in there you know drank what was the name of that space Dale and by the way what was the thing with his species you know do you remember their what they said post that in the comments below follow the.

Here and right below here’s where the comments are go ahead and tell me for for a trivia or something and are you gonna win anything no absolutely not so I’m gonna.

Stir it up I don’t really know if I got stirred it up or no.

I don’t think he did he just drink sure so we’re gonna do that okay and make sure you set the spoon down like that okay we’re gonna try some sugar and water okay remember all the times when your kid made iced tea and you just dumped sugar in it that’s what it tastes like yep.

It’s about it sugar in water a little too sweet for my taste yeah so I suppose have you tried sugar and water yet what do you think of it probably not the healthiest thing for you but betting if you’re not a human your spacing.
Linning you need sure I think you’ll probably enjoy this man that is a.

Really sweet hmm safe to say I have had the bad habit of being addicted to sugar so anyway so this is just my.

Have the sensitivity to any type of sugar or anything probably.

Not a good idea to drink this but if you love to indulge yourself like I do and you like sure then you can probably like this and you don’t have to have a small cup like this one either you can make it a big thing of water and add a lot of sugar to it so anyway this is my review for sugar and water from men in black for Halloween so I.
Hope you had a happy Halloween and we’ll see you again..