The Town Podcast #1- Drinks With Bryson

Welcome to the first podcast episode with rice and Bryce me we’re drinking because the price of rice this way does best and yeah so to be a podcast with us with us let us talk soon happens see Ricky so yeah so we’re talking about fines but that didn’t that didn’t say if so I don’t know if we were.

I want to go I revisit that yeah that’s all that was yeah it’s too much so we wrote a home and social tonight I think that’s gonna be well we’re gonna I say we’d have a little drinking game okay what is it alright I’m.

There’s a little slutty costume you get at least a five seconds to I say geez that’s Mitchell’s drinking game always over there if you want it so if you SD high or something it’s not what I just gave him credit for it.

They did but that’s fine I guess yeah so if your is so so the reason I had you on Bryce was um right well we’ll get back to that drinking hammer away I just thought this is not wrong I’m obsolete good intro right the reason I had you on here is because Mitchell hey hey hey is that.

Little tape in the way okay move the tape anyway that’s very that yeah there you go awesome anyway it might have been might even okay whatever anyway so the reason I had you on is because as you know we’ve started this channel with Trinity no uh incision and.

You know it’s a it’s a girly yeah so absolutely so our.

Chemistry they’re like my cameras it’s not you know I just want something work that natural and who is more natural than the Messiah drinking so goes hand-in-hand what.

Are you doing what are you hey boo okay you just say it right like it’s okay new drinking game every time Mitchell does something stupid whoa enough for that only broadly so yeah anyways what was I saying what are you saying you said something oh yeah so at the Halloween social yeah yeah the last one blast my breaths pretty sauced a little bit intoxicated.

That I wasn’t this I can help my own okay buddy well you just weren’t drinking enough maybe not me up not much really else I don’t know what else anything you want to bring up anything interesting anything you’ve seen on.

Anywhere okay I got one okay okay here it is.

Been like keeping up with like you like watching you like Logan or anything like that I don’t really know how it works is my first night music I feel like.

Bars you know it’s like transgender move what oh oh okay I mean I’ve already texted to you and your buddies so but oh yeah yes so you you want tell that story actually I mean dude.

You want do you go yeah yeah I mean yeah you know you just yeah I mean yeah we could sorry anyway so what happened was so I’m sitting down.

To my English class and Bryson was texting me something about what did you say first of all I can’t remember I think we’re just talking about the social sciences last week yeah yes so we’re talking about.

The social thing with social all of a sudden I think it was at the end of the conversation so I was I was gonna respond like okay.
But instead I might have put t KJ o I said a.

But one too many K though go for KK one too many actually he puts cake you know my black friend not really my friend is sort of know him.