2k Subscriber Giveaway | Luxury Personalised Phone Case

They do not have your phone type fear not we have thought this through and we will offer you a card holder or a luxury luggage tag which are exactly the same value so if you don’t happen to.

Have any of those phones then please let us know next to your tag of your friend in your comment on Lulu’s boutiques post so if you just say I’m a subscriber take your friend and then say I do not have this phone and we will arrange to have an alternative price for you when Lulu’s boutique dmsu if you are a lucky winner any other questions that you have about that prize please leave it at the.

Very happy to answer any questions myself I am super super excited for this giveaway I hope you are as well.

If you are please give this video a massive like and comment down below letting me know if you are entering the giveaway like to say a massive thank you to Luna spooty are helping me out with this.

Giveaway and for being so so generous and please go and check out all of their other products ask but not least I’d like to say the biggest thank you to all of my subscribers to anyone who has been there from the very beginning to subscribing last week it just means so so much to me.

That you actually enjoy my content and that you want to see more from me so thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really just want to.

Just have as much communication and interaction as possible GoGet that’s enough of my rambling please head over.

To my Instagram to enter the giveaway and I will see you next time with another video best of luck to you.
Vicky says and I’ll see you next time bye..

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