2k Subscriber Giveaway | Luxury Personalised Phone Case

Gives my phone a lovely chic extra layer of protection from me dropping it because I’m really clumsy and you can get your hands on one of these cases as well through entering this giveaway so these cases retail at $24.99 and Lunas boutique have kindly offered to give away two phone cases so that’s a grand total of fifty pounds worth of.

Phone cases to be given away to one person who is a subscriber and any friend that they choose to.

If you’re not the lucky winner they’re going to choose the winner but if you’re not the lucky winner there is a discount code that I’ve got for you and it’s there in.

Ten so it just gives you ten percent off their entire page on Etsy so I will leave all the links to that in the description but they have also got an Instagram page which I’m going to go into now if you want any links to their products so the giveaway rules are extremely simple number one you have to be subscribed to my youtube channel.

Because it is my 2,000 subscriber giveaway so you have to.

Be a subscriber number two you have to follow both my Instagram account and Lunas boutiques Instagram account so mine is at life as a star and then Lunas boutique is at Lunas boutique on both of our Instagram pages there’s going to be a.

Phone case what you need to do is you need to like both of the photos and on the Lunas boutique photo I would like you to comment that you’re a subscriber to my youtube channel and I’d also like you to tag one friend in the post to win the additional phone case once you’ve done all of that then you are.

Entered into the giveaway and it’s all over to Lunas boutique they’re going to choose one person and their friend at random on the closing date of the giveaway which.

Is next Friday so the giveaway will be running for one week only and.

It will close next Friday and they will contact you via your Instagram DM so make sure to look out in your DMS next Friday I’ll also be announcing the winner over on my Instagram life as a star so.

Again you have to follow my Instagram to kind of know what’s going on and also I just really want more people to interact with my Instagram account because I do post a lot on there about what I’m doing or if I’m not able to film you know reasons wine or that kind of stuff so I’d.

Love to get some more interaction over on my Instagram account so I’m just going to run through those rules one more time number one you have.

To be subscribed to me on YouTube number two you have to follow my Instagram and Lula’s boutique Instagram number three there’s going to be two pictures one on my Instagram account and the.

Other on Lunas boutiques you have to like both of those posts and on the Lunas boutique one you have to comment on their post that you are a subscriber to my channel and tag one of your friends in the post and that is it then you are entered into the giveaway to win one of these gorgeous monogrammed phone cases so currently they offer iPhone 7 iPhone 8 and an iPhone X and they also offer it in the plus size.

As well and they also offer the Samsung S 9 and the Samsung S 8 so I do apologize if.

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