2k Subscriber Giveaway | Luxury Personalised Phone Case

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel today is the most anticipated video of the year of course it is finally I’m so happy to announce it is finally my 2,000 subscriber giveaway so if you follow me on my social media you will know that I hit 2,000 subscribers maybe about a month ago I think it was just.

The times of my exams and if you’ve been subscribed to me for a while you’ll know that in the beginning I always used to do giveaways I did a giveaway throughout my.

1000 subscriber milestone and I have been promising to do on for 2,000 subscribers as well because I do love giving back to all you guys you just give me so much happiness and so much joy and I really really enjoy doing what I do and I do it because you guys watch my videos and you subscribed so it’s only right for me to give something back to you and I finally got time to film this video.

And show you what I’m going to be giving away to two lucky subscribers so recently I upgraded to the iPhone 7 I had the iPhone 6s before and every.

Time I get a new phone I’m always so careful with it I don’t like getting scratches on my phones I really like to look after them so I always look for a really lovely phone case and because it’s such a lovely phone I wanted something that would just make it look really really classy and really lovely in cheek so I was contacted by the brand on Etsy called Lunas boutique who specialized.

And personalized leather goods so they do card holders to do phone cases and they also.

Do handbags it’s just really really lovely stuff and they have different colors for different things and they personalize it for you so that is why I decided to do a collaboration with them today for this giveaway for you I’m absolutely obsessed with anything that’s personalized I’ve got my long.

Shawn’s got a monogram on it I’ve got a personalized necklace I’ve got a personalized wash bag it’s just something that absolutely love and I feel like loads of you would really really love it as well so they very very kindly sent me phonecase to show you and two lucky people are going to be winning their own personalized phone cases so I will.

Just show you the item and then I will get on with the giveaway rules just to let you know the giveaway is going to be done through Instagram it’s not going to be done through my youtube channel it’s going to be done through my Instagram and also Lunas boutiques Instagram so I’ll go through that at the end but I just want to show you the phone case so it comes in this really gorgeous sparkly gold packaging.

And inside it has its own little duster bag how cute is that and it’s got new nice boutique personalized just for you on here so I think that’s a.

Really really lovely touch and then inside is the.

Phone case now I went for the nude croc with my initials in gold and this is for the iPhone 7 but how gorgeous is that there I’ll just pop it on my phone to show you what it looks like so this is how it covers the phone and then this is it on the back so really really beautiful really easy to put on and also really easy to take off as well because usually.

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