How Fortnite *trolled* Everyone! (fortnite Battle Royale)

Rid of these guys Oh guys excuse me I’ve got some loot to grab thank you very much good sir thank you cut cut you know what zombies are not as evil as I thought man they are very cooperative things okay they are very I’m sorry but we have to get rid of the.

Balloons now I’m not gonna lie it’s probably okay I don’t eliminate myself today I’m not looking to lose okay so we are the top six okay I don’t know where this game has gone.

This is probably the fastest game before by ever there is nobody to be seen the suckles huge for six people that I’m very.

Surprised there’s action is going down somewhere and there is someone on top of this mountain right there okay oh my days I see somebody over there just looking for a little bit of trouble okay I don’t know what this guy is doing whoa we got psyched off you’re gonna slight me you might as I – o where you are where is he I am so confused right now oh he’s on the island he’s on the island okay I’m gonna get high ground on him right now I got I got an.

Idea hi buddy thinking you’re thinking you’re cool huh look at this guy thinking he’s prep for tonight where is he.

Well proform like play there he is he’s.

On the run no I’ve took damage have to weigh too much damage there’s people flowing everywhere oh is he in there I think he’s standing there he.

Knows what’s good knows what’s good okay thanks to the glider redeploy sister we can stick with high ground I’m.

Guy right there wait my a isn’t working why is thing there’s a glitch my a man is not wanting to work come here bro get memes all right here we go bro yeah yeah come on where.

Are you at Oh No let’s go you wanna mess.

With me bro ladies and gentlemen I see the last guy he is trying to destroy us look at this guy look at this guy he needs to get safe zone let’s go this is a bunny look at my HP GT whoever that.

Guy was I mean I don’t know who.

You are but if you’re watching this video somehow G to the G ladies and gentlemen I don’t.

Know how I survived well ladies and gentlemen somehow we want if you guys did.

Enjoy this video make sure you smash it the thumbs up subscribe to the channel how many guys did enjoy and guys I do not know how I won that game GG but.

Ladies and gentlemen I will see in the next video guys another said comment on below everything about.

The gold trooper that you think is if it’s gonna come out or if it’s not and ladies and gentlemen I’ll see you next time peace you.