How Fortnite *trolled* Everyone! (fortnite Battle Royale)

Coming near them but first you know Samsung confirm that and I mean I unless they bring out later today isn’t quite here guys so you know I’m honesty excites me what.

That is and guys another troll right here is I haven’t found any balloons you know I want to use these things I know guys but in no way shape or form I am I whoa whoa what what guys duh bog is closing this is.

The biggest show they could have done what am I witnessing hold up a second you guys know greasy Grove is my favorite place to lino therefore I are laying any hands on greasy Grove you’ve got to get through me okay maybe maybe you don’t because you are developers at the game but.

You know anyway you guys gonna get from me okay how’s the beef boss gonna feel about this man go.

Bug is shutting down at week no there’s no way this is happening guys hold on a minute what the fortnight think they are doing I did not realize greasy was king shut down guys.

This is not good news right now okay we are not receiving some good news but anyway I was always saying before I did come into a burger you know I’m not annoyed that for not bringing back go through for anything that’s completely their decision I’m just kind of talking about the topic but oh my ha they’re scaring me.

Right now this is even more scary than the Halloween update itself I don’t know what to say right now man there’s no way for my getting rid of Doug buggy that is a very monumental place in Greece he okay and they they cannot be kidding rid of that fine let’s get rid of this thing goodbye get rid of these zombies you know what get outta you get out get outta here bro get out actually I’m gonna take this small shield guys look what I.

Just found I came through this roof and I found some balloons okay before we do oh we do need to get into the circle actually but let’s just try these out I hold these could I take these minis oh I can with it deflates my balloons all right rest in peace sniper I’ve got it I’ve got to try out the balloons what what is going on right now weird over there popping I am so happy that the guy to redeploy function is in the.

And I would have took a big owl right the holder took a bit big out right so guys we do need another cipher now heavy sniper would be preferable more balloons okay these things are more common.

Than I expected oh my these are insane not gonna lie guys these balloons are epic make ones if I don’t use all of them online this may have been the.

Best addition to for my ever this is just straight funny thought might know how to give us some good updates ladies and gentleman we got balloons this may be the biggest meme I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life this is I cannot wait to see.

Some funny moments with these balloons cuz I honestly I’m just saying.

Right now this is gonna be the biggest like hopefully no one’s good enough.

To snipe us out the sky ladies and gentlemen.

Because we could be in big trouble holding on big balloon meta wait it’s a pollutant gonna get coming clutch here oh here here he is here he is he’s getting loot oh let’s go oh wait we got to get.