How Fortnite *trolled* Everyone! (fortnite Battle Royale)

This is the biggest chore they could have done what am i witness on today is updated day balloons available now inflate your loser defy gravity at balloons to increase your altitude wait a minute what is that oh my day he’s right ladies and gentlemen so for now as you can see I’ve added in at the skull trooper Scott.

Range or skull sickle pickaxe and obviously at.

The glider now guys I don’t know if it was just me well in fact I know it wasn’t just me there was a ton of other people those expecting go super to Karl today and ladies and gentlemen real quick before we do dentist video any further guys if you wanted the gold tree better to come back or if you still want to vote.

You to come back smash the thumbs up on the video and I mean even if you don’t want the gold trimmer to come back still press that thumbs up button because why not anyway ladies and gentlemen I haven’t checked the arm shop yet on the update day so.

We could potentially never know they could have actually done something they could have put the.

Gold trooper in so I’m gonna go take a look put my detective glasses on I mean you guys know how it is let’s do this it’s definitely rip beam up to this one because this this is definitely a.

Skin I absolutely love oh my goodness maybe by now guys you would have thought.

For like you know maybe have kind of toned out a little bit on the skins but oh my goodness no they have this is insane the spooky team leader bar guys I honestly I don’t even need to.

Explain myself okay Evie bucks I don’t even mind I spent three bucks on this guy’s cuz this this is a great skin oh my goodness and ladies are generous egos we are seeking to tell a Halloween theme of course I’ve got to use a Halloween pickaxe and honestly guys I’m gonna use.

The wreath a pickaxe actually I’m gonna use the reaper pickaxe you know even though it even though it did make it return the shop and is still in there it’s still a very very nice pickaxe okay so ladies and Jenna Marbles video today we are always going to be discussing about a few trolls epic games have given to us.

And possibly really where he’s gonna be talking a ton about today something we’re gonna be talking basically our epic games kind of trolled the community already troll we kind.

Of troll ourselves but yeah we really did kind of troll ourselves we don’t even engine if you have.
No idea what I’m talking about make sure you.

Stay tuned in this video to find out just guys I’ve got some news for you and what I say you don’t want to miss it you’re not gonna want to miss it that’s for sure so I ladies and gentle with at further ado let’s just get right into a solo.

And let me tell you guys some information guys that is one thing I definitely am gonna miss when this for now day goes man when for nightmares goes I’m gonna miss the bus music man this is one the best songs at four.

And I have used for their battle bus hi guys so of course this is looking like a little bit of a greasy Grove drop why am I just landed in the middle of greasy and I didn’t even like even top of a building I blame gentleman.

Welcome back to the video I hope you guys having a great day so fine also hopefully you guys have an amazing Halloween yes a so anyway as you can read by the title guys epic.

Games or you know fort my they they got a skirt I mean I’ll see guys it was kind of it’s kind of a few things I wouldn’t discuss in this video about the update but guys the main thing and the main thing everyone knows is obviously the gold trooper isn’t in the shop and honestly guys I was looking through a YouTube yesterday I was looking through Twitter and ladies.

And gentlemen I non-stop seen all day but.

Basically the gold ship was gonna come back on Halloween and honestly guys I did have high suspicion as well.

A ton of other people get comment down below if you actually stole the gold trooper was gonna come out today on Halloween but anyway the community hype this up so much guys and I mean I guess the Oni and guys even epic games on their Twitter on ful nice to.
It were tweeting our in in some of their tweets they were using the.

Word goal or goals and stuff like that all over the twist so honestly guys we all had a suspicion that it was going to come back now guys obviously it didn’t come out on Halloween and all of us as a community I’ve just kind of been a little.

Bit like you know what is going on here I mean some people obviously really really happy that it didn’t.

Come out because they have already have it and some people are a little bit like.

Okay you’re brought back the skull true park where’s the gold trooper you know I’m saying so yeah anyway let me go straight to the point so this means about the golf trooper coming back there is only a one real main option this means it can’t come.

Out so as of you guys may know fort nightmares all the full might Halloween event is actually ending in three days from when you’re watching this video I’ll end on November 4 if I not November 4 if I’m pretty sure.

There’s like a big event happening with the cube or whatnot so anyway all I’m saying is the gold super still does have a few days ikura turn and honestly even though the gold shoe didn’t come out with Halloween imagine if for my like right now with the tweet out saying about the gold.
Trooper coming back down honestly that would be way more hype than bringing.

Out Halloween so honestly if all night you know if the all night you know maybe for a night I kind of thinking through maybe when should we bring it back should we not you know I’ve said many times guys they couldn’t just bring story probably not the gold trooper that’s highly unlikely but personally for me I think go trooper is a hundred percent gonna come out but I mean even if it doesn’t.

I don’t really mind it’s just honestly like it would be cool to see it come back after all this time but ladies and gentlemen comment down below what you are thinking guys about.

The gold trooper coming back honestly at me as you guys already know my opinions I made quite a few videos about already one ladies and gentlemen that isn’t the only thing.

Epic games of Taurus with okay if you guys are owners of the galaxy skin house galaxy skin users were supposed to get a big accessory bundle which basically includes stuff light on pickaxe a glider by putting all that good stuff and guys they said it was.