7 Sci Fi Movie's Gadgets That Really Exist !

Number one shoot yeah that’d be great um can you actually turn the light down to your left a little bit that’d be awesome that one yeah that’d be perfect you know what bring those blinds behind you up a little bit – that’d be great yeah no problem that’s great all right everybody settle in hi I’m Mohammed co-founder of.

Plata bass and this is Remo I came up with the idea for him after my dad had had.

Several strokes he had difficulty doing day-to-day things he’d easily done before so I wanted to give them new way to control this wall Remo is a wristband used to interact with your environment using.

Natural gestures it’s as simple as pointing and waving at the device you want to control because we value the input of our users we brought in a full-time beta tester we then realized the product could be used for so much more Bob was our first beta tester hi Bob Bob started by using Remo to control the lights in his house he then started to discover other devices that Remo could control he even did things with Remo we didn’t.

Expect setting up Remo is easy place the wireless receiver anywhere plug the device you want to control into the receiver smart plug point to control your device Remo is designed to be compatible with leading smart home systems we’re proud to be working with open home labs to make remo and open home certified device.

Also work seamlessly with over 22 million devices already in the US homes Miki even easier for Remo to control the lights the locks and even.
Thermostats number two we set out to pioneer the future of robotics.

The power of advanced mobile processors that enable us to run cutting-edge AI algorithms on it with this technology.
We created hover camera which allows anyone to capture.

Photos and video from unique perspectives to use harbor.

Cameras very simple powered on Flippa open like this and you can hold anywhere when you let go it.

Just hovers automatically please have a camera you can take 13 megapixel photos and.

Replaced a traditional gimbal with electronic image stabilization so.

That your shots are always steady our camera is the first truly autonomous flying camera that anyone can.

Use and is powered by our groundbreaking embedded AI technologies we built a ton of sophisticated AI algorithms includes a small circuit board it runs a powerful.3 gigahertz quad-core processor this enables us to run complex calculations locally without the need for a remote server the AI was developed in such a way that it reduces the learning curve so.

Anyone can operate it out of the box that’s why we’ve designed a revolutionary user experience that centers around hovering hovering is actually more difficult than just flying the reason it hovers so steadily it’s because it’s running optical flow on its downward viewing.

Camera and visual slam from the front viewing camera that’s how it.

Gauges its own speed and position at all times on top of that we’re running advanced flight control algorithms at 1 kilohertz it’s so intelligent that it follows people automatically as they move around it does this without GPS but instead using real-time facial and body recognition this is the most compact and elegantly designed flying camera on the market.

It is so small that it could easily fit.

Into a purse but you wanted to make sure that this device is safe we’ve geared up with the suit of armor this entire protective enclosure is made out of the most durable and lightweight carbon-fiber material the radical design allows users to grab throw and catch hover camera yet it lets just enough air to flow through without sacrificing the ability to hover or fly we’re setting new standards for aerial robotics.

Pawel camera is always around capturing those unique moments being reach into your vision of the world number three number four yeah it’s very good ball um I can hear everything amazing it’s amazing how I near the South Korea yeah number five we wanted to create technology that makes the way we use energy more efficient and more intimate we wanted.

To start with a problem everyone has experienced firsthand feeling frustrated when your electronic device runs out of power when you need it the most there hasn’t been any innovation to solve this problem and that God is excited to solve it using our thermal electric technology we’re introducing our first product the matrix power launch it’s a SmartWatch that’s powered by you it works by converting your own body.

Heat to electric power and the best part.

Never have to charge it the watch comes alive because it’s powered by you the human body at rest and it’s 100 watts as heat when exercising that number jumps to one kilowatt similar to the average power we use.

It as sensors to track both activity and sleep quality we’re designing changeable watch faces to suit your.

Movie which also built micro applications so you can do more than just tell the time it’s very well sealed and water-resistant to 50 meters and if you ever take it off you’ll go to sleep and store all your data when you put it back on it comes back to life number six in 2007 Steve Jobs said that this was the best input device.

That was 2007 this is 2015 in 2015 we love our touch screens we take them everywhere we go and why wouldn’t we they’re light they’re powerful and they’re gorgeous but they’re not a perfect input.

Device to fully express ourselves we need better.

Precision and more space this is free and it takes you way beyond the screen with.

From nearly any surface and your words or pictures will appear.

On your screen instantly free brings us back to a more direct interaction with the world around us in part by freeing us to use one of our most personal skills.

And writing free sophisticated optical tracking engine can trace anyone’s handwriting on nearly any surface to an incredible level of accuracy there is never be anything or like it free is all about minimizing whatever stands in the way.

Of your creative energy it’s got a mini touch.

Display for notifications that you reply instantly and even doubles as a headset to take phone calls write yourself a note the second you think of it jot down a phone number or dude or you’re next brainchild your thoughts and ideas.