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Hey everyone its Michelle welcome back to my channel happy Friday it’s almost the weekend I’m so so excited it has been a long long week at work I’m ready for a break if that’s all I can say thank you so much for being here I hope you guys are doing well today we’ve got a collective type favorites video.

Videos and I love sharing things that I’ve been loving with you but the end of May that’s kind of when I took my.
Little break from YouTube I didn’t put up a favorites video so I.

I’m gonna combine May and June favorites and kind of show you things that I have been loving over the last couple months so if you would like to see what I’ve got cookin go ahead keep on watching so first up let’s talk.
That I have on my nails today look at this.

Color it isn’t it different it’s really really unique when I saw it in CVS the other day I’m like what is that is it lime green is it avocado green when I tell you the name of this color you’re gonna be like yeah that’s what it is it is called inchworm that doesn’t that doesn’t that exactly look like an inchworm what you would think about like a caterpillar I just.

Thought it was a really cool color it was like $5.

99 again at CVS I just thought it was really great.

I love these Sally Hansen insta-dry nail polishes so much they’re nice and opaque they’re long-lasting they chip maybe after a week they really lasts nicely on your nails so I just I I’m having fun with this color and I thought it would be a great summer color to try out let’s talk about what I have on my lips shall we isn’t it pretty I love.
The color this is by Lottie London and this is.

Called glitter switch now this is one of those liquid lipsticks that you rub your lips together after a minute you go like this and it gets glitter all over your lips isn’t it pretty it.

Is so nice this reminds me of those liquid lipsticks that came out last year I think from.

CIPA London and they were called glitter flips same concept very very pretty very comparable but half the price I got this at Riley Rose which is a brand new cosmetic store in my area it’s been around for maybe six or seven months I think it was.

From the daughters of the owners.

Of forever 21 that started it so if you guys have a Riley Rose in your area you’ve got to go check it out they carry tons of brands that you only see on Instagram like Beauty bakery and coloured.

Raine they have black moon cosmetics just a lot of the indie brands they.

Have there a lot of different things that you can’t find anywhere so I have so much fun going in there up and down the aisles and I discovered these again I want to say this was maybe ten or twelve dollars I just thought it was really fun it is a drying long.

Wear lipstick formula so if you don’t like that you probably won’t like these but on the other hand they stay all day stays really pretty and I’ve been like you miss a lot moving on to a really exciting topic let’s talk together and shall we for a minute y’all this deodorant has changed my life dramatic right it is so so good I tried.

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