Eddie Hearn Says Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury Would Be Lucky To Get 250k Ppv Numbers!!

They’re going to do that’s more important to them and.

Go into the arena and supporting their guy and yet they’ll come up with all kinds of excuses well Los Angeles is.

All the way over there and I live all the way over here well if you really like this fighter if you really consider this fight to be.

Boxing and somehow you find a way right surely you notice you a bunch of mates jump in a camper van and take that route down route 56 whatever the hell make a weekend of it you can’t get there just laziness to be honest with you and you know what most people are are off that kind of mind as well people like convenience so I can’t blame them too much for it but if you’re.

Going overboard and creating this whole narrative online of hate ever since Deontay Wilder has started piggybacking off Anthony Joshua then surely you should be supporting your man financially as well.

As just verbally because you guys don’t support him in a positive way you don’t talk about him positive you talk about Wilder and then the others who are avoiding Wilder Viet didn’t white he’s been calling for Wilder Wilder has avoided him Joshua gave Wilder a contract for fifteen million dollars even though it wasn’t.

About money is all about legacy right and he refused to sign it I’m not going to drag all that kind of thing up again but you know let’s be real a lot of his fans and listen as we.

Work he does have a lot of good fans he really does but he.

Has a whole bunch of fans as well they’re not really fans they’re just to hate a lot of them are cancer on boxing to.

Be perfectly honest with you so 250,000 pay-per-view buys is very very achievable very achievable considering the size of the United States of America because again you guys say that the America that America is where the money’s at right so surely an event like this should show that that that’s where the money is right surely it should show that and if it doesn’t then quite clearly the money is not in America.

There’s no man in America of course there is but it is not in boxing but as I said I hope that this fight does more than two hundred and fifty thousand boys I really hope it turns out to be a mega event and more importantly that it turns out to be a great fight a fight that we all watch and we.

All want to watch a replay of it maybe we’re going to call for the rematch whoever wins because the first boy it was so good personally I think the styles will clash I think.

It’s gonna be a very very boring tip-tap fight until wild it detonates at some point maybe Tyson Fury will start to.

Slow down or maybe he’ll walk on to a short in the very first round unfortunately that’s how I think it’s going to go I think Wilder will detonate on fury at some.

Point and he’ll connect through will go down and he won’t get back up again or if he does get up the referee will put a stop to it or.

The referee will put a stop to it controversially at some point in the fight anyway I’d love to be wrong I would love time for food to go in there and chin him relieved that WBC title from Deontay Wilder captivity because you’ve been holding that belt hostage for long enough Sofia needs to be released it really does so hopefully tossin fury to man do it hopefully but I’m not confident of it but if I’m.

Ever going to be wrong please let it be this one please but you know what 250,000 pay-per-view buys is what he heard and says that’s.

Not bad that’s not bad number two and for anybody who believes it up to 245 million and eighty dollars a pop listen the size of America it should do it.

It should do quite comfortably but unlikely I mean how many did Floyd Mayweather do against Manny Pacquiao I have no idea how many did Boyd Mayweather vs. Gregor a crossed over novelty fight a circus act how many does that dude did either those fights do 2.5 million and this kind of goes to.

Show the intellect of Wylder they don’t get.

Me wrong he’s a very very big powerful puncher if he stood there in front of me I would have zero chance right he would chin me easy I don’t think he’s brother could to be honest I think I’ll probably whoop Marcellus Wallace but anyway I think that 250,000 is achievable 2.5 million is certainly not cheaper but if it hits it Bravo people Bravo so anyway.

You drop your thoughts but I’m about it all do you think that wilder first fury will hit 2.5 million do you think that it would hit that America and UK combined as both countries of pay-per-view bearing in mind here in the UK it is a four five.

O’clock in the morning job so it is quite difficult for some people to either stay awake or want to wake up and watch it would it make 250,000 combined as well with UK in US be interesting anyway.

You drop your thoughts about it I’ll waffled on long enough now I’m going to sure what the point of that was to be honest but anyway it is what it is click that thumbs up subscribe catch you all on the next.

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