Eddie Hearn Says Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury Would Be Lucky To Get 250k Ppv Numbers!!

Steady hand mattre boxing you’re watching sporting icons that needs to be anywhere else right so while Eddie her knees over there in Boston to promote the Demetrius Andrade fight of course this weekend and of course the entire undercard and as always the press come out to interview Eddie Hearn yeah anyway was a very popular in America right don’t.

Be likes him yeah everybody.

With him in America now why is over there he reiterated his belief which was that Deontay Wilder West Tyson Fury would be lucky to hit two hundred and fifty thousand pay-per-view buys now if you guys go back to the interview that I did with Eddie had.

Which I’ll put in the description box below of course and at the very end of this video if you want to give it a click and watched from there but of course I’ll play it that little clipping from my interview in this video here.

So a whole time and I’ll play that in a second so two hundred and fifty thousand pay-per-view pies now this is straight after that Wilder.

Said that he believes that this fight will make 2.

5 million pay-per-view buys yet the.

Biggest fight of his career against Luis Ortiz was what 1.

1 million and that wasn’t pay-per-view so how is he predicting 2.

5 million pay-per-view buys in addition to that he believes that he’s going to get what or potentially get 100 million dollars transferred into his bank account I don’t know how biggest star he actually thinks he is but not very big it’s the absolute truth probably he needs Tyson.

Fury to help sell this event as you speaking a wish it.

Has this haven’t been sold out yet it’s been on sale what two or three weeks now surely it must be right.

I mean how many look Jeb but surely to God it must be surely four anyway um let me play this little clip for you and then we’ll get cracking on I am one I really I think that is a beast out of bollocks he also said he could.5 million buys if he does 250,000 buyers I think I’ve done extremely well so there you go so that’s from mine if you I couldn’t obviously play the ones over in America I don’t know copyright I’ll see I want to get copyright of my own video now Emily well I hope not you never know now 250,000.

Pay-per-view buyers is what any hone is predicting at best now he’s thinking is that Koval at first Andre Ward did just.

Over a hundred thousand pay-per-view buys and of course triple G first Daniel Jacobs did over a hundred thousand buyers as well so this one will probably make round about the same in fact if anything he’s saying.

Better than both of those so those who may.

Get offended by the fact him saying two hundred and fifty thousand pay-per-view buys why would you be offended he’s saying that this should do better.

Than cob live and ward and triple G and Jacobs so it’s been a compliment really but it’s interesting though that a lot of people stakes are especially a wild of fanatics especially the channels of whether they go on like I mean for.

A long long time there were chapters in.

Tyson Fury you know um he got Krrish.

Go on an off night and if the rematch had happened Klitschko would have wiped him out and toss and Furies a big fat slob and all this kind of thing but yet suddenly now he’s the best thing since sliced bread he’s a lineal champion he’s this he’s that and the other much like it wasn’t Louis Ortiz as well right when while default Luis Ortiz people.

Were saying before then he’s really old he’s a drug cheat blinded by blah Sony wildfires empower Luis Ortiz is the most awarded man in the world in fact he’s number two heavyweight in the world you know how these people go for what makes me laugh also is a fact that they say that this is the biggest fight in heavyweight I’m.

Not too sure how you work that one out.

To be honest with you tasin fury island final toss in fury of course but he’s been out the ring for two and a half years he just lost 135 pounds that’s what i put in lama chenko or.

Mikey garcia on your shoulders are walking around with him on your shoulders non-stop even sleeping for a year imagine worth doing to your inside for your long-term health in addition to that.

Of course he’s had mental problems of course had been well-documented alcohol drug addiction plus he had the.

British Boxing Board of Control on his back many many different things and then he comes back and takes on surface very.

Now for me because of all the time that he had out the ring.

Him coming back and fighting this level of opponent I didn’t really have an issue with Africa it.

Was fine but then to go straight into Deontay Wilder hmm might be a bit early and I hope I’m wrong I hope Tyson Fury goes over there and wipes the down floor with him I really do but again and see all these wild of fanatical channels are saying how great a fight this is but I wonder how many of these channels are actually going.

To go to the Staples Center in Los Angeles to watch this one now when.

It’s first announced and they first release the tickets aren’t like a quick look at some of the prices my god pay how ridiculously expensive real real expensive some of.

Them you’re talking about six and a half seven.

Eight grand for some of them and they’re not even like VIP but there are some cheaper ones okay I’m not gonna sell at night in like eighty dollars and things like that but after three weeks or.

Two and a half weeks whatever it may be by now surely it sold out surely and.

I’ve said before with Jonte wild reverse Luis Ortiz thousand 19,000 arena yet they can he put 14,000 in there they couldn’t sell it so of course.

Wilder he needs Tyson Fury he needs to Brit.

To sell this event for him and hopefully it does sellout I’m.

Really really hopefully they does but as I said how many of these wild fanatics are actually going to go there I wonder and in fact I wonder how many of them are actually gonna pay.

For the pay-per-view if they’re not going compared to how many who will probably illegally stream it for me I reckon that a lot of these guys are gonna illegally stream it so they talk about all these big fights and what I have you happy yet there’s gonna legally stream it they’re not gonna put the hand in their pocket I miss some of them well of.

Course it will I mean why shouldn’t you you’re supporting your fighters right but again I mean if you ask any of them are you gonna go oh.

Well you know what not well you know what it’s not going to lose I’ll leave over here and it’s all it’s gonna be some kind of excuse so always is so why it’s gonna go well you know what I gotta marry markers on that weekend and.

I can’t go it’s always gonna be some kind of excuse with them America is a huge country yeah everywhere is difficult to get to but yeah I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a hell of a lot of Brits in that arena who’s gonna be going and I’m pretty sure as well that here in the UK the pay-per-view sales will be more than in America I wouldn’t want to.

Bet on it but that’s just a prediction from me I don’t know so for any hand to say two hundred and fifty thousand pay-per-view buys that’s pretty decent numbers but when while I was talking about putting a hundred million dollars in his own bank account when he’s talking about 2.5 million pay-per-view buys I mean how much it’s a pay-per-view that $80.5 million pay-per-view buys if he does hats off boat hats off because I phenomenal absolutely phenomenal if it does that and I’ll be super super impressed very impressed but in if it did he’s still not gonna.

Top Joshua I mean Joshua’s Klitschko just in Germany alone that was.

Millions with last six million 6 million tuned into what Joshua verse Klitschko went arson fury was supposed to rematch with Klitschko at.

The Manchester Arena and before it got canceled what was about two three weeks before the fight it hadn’t even.

Sold half the arena at that point but yet this wilder first fury things meant to be the big thing since sliced bread in fact since I had the press conference I already seen.

Too much about it to be honest with you but I think it’s because a lot of people realize that Wilder took this fight because he sees Tyson Fury.

As easy work have a lot of fights – hence the reason why tiny belly was calling him out Shannon Briggs was calling him out and Tony Otara was calling him out plenty of people calling him out and a lot of them were pretty much admitting.

Year down the line probably not but while yeah I’ll do it well of course you’ll do it cuz this is what he’s done his entire career but he goes 40 fights 40 and oh and.

Distant step up who does that yet these same fans who will defend wilder and this record the father has taken 10 years to even step up to a Luis Ortiz who let’s be real on the night of the fight one hour before the.

Ring walk were talking about pulling Luis Ortiz out of the fight and don’t Brazil and Charles Knight won’t stand by.

To replace him because he couldn’t.

Pass the medical that guy and I want Luis Ortiz I really do I’ve always said I do and I hope that he does come to the UK and he does sign this 3 fight deal with matt reum even though matt reum screwed him over right according to a lot of people get this good I’m over it then why is he willing to talk to them amazing that but if he does then yeah I hope.

That he gets to fight say Povetkin for example on the Joshua undercard on April 13th when we stadium or didn’t white or have heard that Ortiz priced himself out of December 22nd hammer how much money did he ask for I have no idea no idea whatsoever but they’re not jumping up and down about it I mean for me I think.

I was pretty clear that the price that they asked for they.

Kind of knew and they accepted that Maturin weren’t gonna pay it so who knows but no that’s like another side beside one anyway but 250,000 pay-per-view binds is what Eddie Hearn is.

Predicting and that’s not a bad number it really isn’t.

Half what white first Parker done because.

They don’t just under half a million pay-per-view parts here in the UK of Sky Sports admittedly the price difference is different no doubt about it but don’t forget is what five six or tenth 10 times more people in America and there is in the UK so again weigh it up a bit but just based on price of course for us in the UK’s were 21 pounds.

Which is about what $27 $28 for a pay-per-view but if you guys can have to pay $80 and of course you’re talking what 3 times the amount so yeah it does kind of.

Like balance it out a bit but 250,000 is not a bad number it really isn’t a bad number as I said a lot of these people who just troll through people’s videos and leave negative comments and click thumbs down or run away he’s wild of fanatics they’re not really wants to put the hand in their own pocket and go fill out an arena why didn’t wild Russ Ortiz.

Fill out 19,000 he was 5,000 people short or fill in that thing l be a walls running around Center sellout how.

Is 14,000 they sell out over 19,000 the Staples Center against Tyson Fury he’s only 21 thousand white first Parker at the other two arenas 20,000 so it’s 1,000 short of the.

Circumcenter that thing sold out by about no I see fans about 50 or 60 tickets left often there was nothing so fury wild.

Should have no problems whatsoever and they’ve been promoting it here in the UK they’ve been promoting it in Los Angeles they’ve been promoting.

It in New York so it’s got plenty of coverage there’s online.

News channels such as myself and many many others who’ve been talking about this fight so there should be no reason in the world why this fight shouldn’t do quite well as far as numbers go but for me I don’t think even going to hit 1 million I think it might do a bit better than 250,000 that is.

My opinion they should do is heavyweight people love heavyweight now I know people in America will say but box is not the number one sport right ok boxing on.

Not number one sport in the UK either but in America it never was the number one sport American football basketball hockey whatever always above boxing even when Mike Tyson was selling out.

Arenas are making 25 million per fight way back when so there’s no real excuse that’s why this isn’t going to sell out you know said I do believe that the wild of fanatics they’ll.

Talk a lot online but probably end up illegally streaming their so they probably won’t even fight the pay-per-view and they’re certainly not going to go to the arena certainly not of course they’re not they’re going to sit at home making sure that they get the views for their fart review that’s what.

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