Meditation For Job, Home, $$, Specific Person & Health

Say thank you thank you thank you and you turn walk towards the door the big old door you walk out down the steps you turn around you look at the building you smile to yourself and say I will be back I will be back.

So now just let this whole scene fade back and fade away and it is time to slowly work our way back out of the meditation so follow me mentally with the counting silently.

In your mind one to three four five six seven eight nine ten severing your awareness.

To your mind’s eye and then drop your.

Awareness to your body feel your legs and your feet and your back in your arms.

And your neck in your head for today you’ve done enough for today you’ve imagined what you want and you’ve received such wonderful knowledge from this wonderful building of knowledge and possibilities so start to hear the sounds inside and out bring your awareness back to where you are and slowly slowly come back fully present and when you are ready you can open your eyes you.