Meditation For Job, Home, $$, Specific Person & Health

A much more balanced and secure way you now attract this amazing.

Person so I’m going to give.

You a little bit of time in silence to think of the qualities that this person has and any details that you can give the universe to bring in this very specific person that fits all those wonderful things that you would like so you can do that now and breathe in for fall and breathe out for fall and breathe in for four and breathe out for fall and breathe in for fall and breathe out for for so now enjoying.

The feeling of being with a person that has these qualities just let that.

Scene fade back and fade away and this scene.

– you can revisit anytime you like and now we will add one more final and most important scene it’s about wonderful health.

So I’d like you to imagine you standing in an open field arms up in the Sun you can feel the breeze on your.

Face the Sun on the top of your.

Got your arms outstretched up you feel surrendered and free say to yourself I’m free I am free and you have wonderful health all the health issues you’ve had have been resolved and are behind you you feel amazing you’ve.

Got energy you’ve got radiant skin you’ve got a light in your eyes and you haven’t had for a while and people comment regularly on how.

You look and that you look amazing and you feel so good to be around so give thanks that all health issues are behind you saying it is done and I’m gonna give you a bit of time in the silence to just radiate that amazing ball of light that started behind your forehead just bring it down your neck bring it down and across your shoulders bring it down you tie so beautiful ball of light down down into your ribcage.

Front and back down into your abdomen down into your hips and lower back down each of your legs into your knees into your carbs ball of light cleansing cleaning keeping the body and wonderful shape into your ankles down into your.

Feet and into your toes and now let’s bring our awareness back up to our shoulders and let’s not leave out beyond down the forearms down down into the wrists and into the hands and fingers and let’s go back.

Up the arms into the hands wrists ball of light working its way out the forearms into the elbows upper arms and back into the shoulders back up the neck men into the head and just breathe in for four and breathe out for fall and breathe in for fall and breathe out for.

Four and one more breathe in for four and breathe out for four so now I’d like you to imagine you standing with the book in your hands you’ve gone through.

All the section and you feel wonderful to have gone through.

Being in your new job living in your new home feeling financial freedom and having a very special someone around you to have a connected relationship with and all health issues are dissolved resolved and dissipated so you take this book and you tuck it under your arm and you say thank you to this building for the knowledge and the help that it.

Gives you when you need it to help you create to help you focus to help you manifest to help you surrender and let go and to help you live from the end results so you.