Meditation For Job, Home, $$, Specific Person & Health

This meditation is requested by Kathleen so close your eyes and get comfortable in your favorite position and just let everything go mentally that’s taking your attention just put it aside for now and no you can come back to it later after your meditation time so we’re going to start with the breasts six in four four and down for.

Four breathing in for fall and breathing out for full breathing in for fall and breathing out for fall breathing in for fall and breathing out for for breathing in.

Fall and breathing out for for breathing in for fall breathing out for fall last one with a hold.

Breathing in for fall and hold for fall and breathe out for four now bring your awareness to the black screen of your mind and I’d.

Like you to imagine a huge old building and you walk up to this building and this building is your own personal library in this library there is millions of.

Books and this building holds this amazing personal library of yours now you open.

The front door to the building and you go inside and you see just lots of floors in the building you see an old elevator that goes all the way up to the sixth floor as far as your eye can see this wonderful old building is the building of knowledge the building of your knowledge and where you can look for answers and consciously create you see books and bookshelves as far and as.
High as the eye can see and every single floor is.

The same it is a huge library on every subject and you can look.

Up whatever subject you need help with at any given time so today you want to bring the book back.

Of your current life and choose another one and the current book that you would like to choose is a book that contains a wonderful new meaningful job a beautiful lovely decorated spacious home a bank account that is flourishing and money comes from known and unknown sources on a daily basis and you have a very special wonderful person in your life who.

Loves you and you love them your health if there were any issues in the past have been resolved and you are healthy and peaceful and secure within it so that is the book today that.

You would like to read so you stand in the library on level one and you look up and you set your intention for that book to find you and the book detaches itself from one of the numerous bookshelves and it floats down towards you very slowly and your book of your current life simultaneously floats away to be slotted away on a shelf no longer to be read the new book comes from higher above it’s surrounded by.

Light and your current book the one that you are returning it goes to a place that’s more in the shadows and you forget about that book now and you leave it behind the book finally reaches your hands the new book with this new book in your.

Hand you feel the cover leather-bound beautiful just has a good feeling about it you open it and you can see the road of your current life melt into this new one you can see that you have several roads but these two roads melt into one to change course and then you see the images of the new scenes that fit your desires so now we are going to go through.

Each section of this book a chapter at a time starting with your new meaningful work this is the type of work that allows you to take care of yourself work where you feel a real sense of.

Meaning a real sense of feeling satisfied that you’re giving your skills and talents and then you feel a part of what you’re doing you leave work feeling good about your day that you.

Contributed and that you’re earning a wonderful amount of money that reflects back your.

Self-love and that reflects back to you that you are appreciated you feel this is the best position you’ve ever had the hours suit you the locations perfect the environment is clean and wonderful to work in you feel connected to the work and it is deeply satisfying so I’m.

Going to give you now a little bit of time in the silence to imagine that so you can do that now you and breathe in for fall and breathe out for.

Four and breathe in for four and breathe out for four so now just let that scene fade back and fade away and you can come back to it anytime you like we are now going to move on to a second see your beautiful home a place that is a sanctuary.
You love where this new home is you have the space to be and do all.

The things you would like to do in this home relax cook eat enjoy friends and family enjoy the outside entertaining relaxing.
Meditating and the colors furniture and home wares reflect who you are.

Today so I’m going to give you a little bit of time in the silence to imagine this place with the details that you know you would like so you can do that and everything for fall and breathe out for fall and breathe in for fall and breathe out for four so.

Now let that scene fade back and fade away and you can come back to it anytime you choose we are now going to bring our awareness back to that ball of light up behind your forehead behind the black screen of your mind and I’d like you to imagine being financially free you have no debts you have savings in the bank you have your beautiful.

Home and a job that pays you well now so the next step is to start to think about what it would be like for you to be financially free would you be investing in something or having money in term deposits buying stocks and.

Bonds or buying more property investing in a business of your own what is it that would make.

You feel financially free what would that be like what would it look like what would it be for you to be there so again I will give you a bit of time in the silence to imagine this third scene of financial freedom so you can do that now you so now let that third sing fade back and fade away and now again you can revisit it anytime you like so now again bring your awareness back to the.

Black screen of your mind see a ball of light just to anchor you in position with your awareness and your concentration and this final and forth scene is being with someone very special if someone is someone that.

Has the qualities that you like they have the lifestyle that you like they take.

Care of themselves they are happy and giving and loving and balanced and secure and you in turn will give them that as well of you since.

You have been practicing your self-love and your self-care and really moving through life in.

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