Pubg (gaming With Micah)

All right our primary objective should be finding it’s lunch lunch lunch L n CH lunch chick-fil-a they do up the best French yes it’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon I could go for some chick-fil-a what do you say they’re closed on Sunday shut up I don’t believe it you know we need pancakes Elijah he’s brilliant at games like this.

He’s strategic he knows how.

To play games like this good job okay well you said for Elijah to stay home and not like Lodge place for that all the time he’s actually good at that game we came to this game because we suck it for me I know but we can’t tone that you know we need to do Karl Taco Bell we need to call.

Elijah McDonald’s hey they don’t deliver and then of liver listen grab your phone call ID you tell him to join the game how.

About yours I don’t have one in real life I’ll protect you while you’re a FK are you sure to want any food yeah I’m sure I’ll bring you something I hate doing this hurts what Elijah we need your help did you really feel necessary to call me when you’re literally in the other room well yeah I thought it’d be more cinematic wouldn’t you help with um the pub gee no.
Go listen I’m sorry I’m sorry let me drive you okay get your hand off.

My buck what one two three four five six seven eight why would you move sorry why I was at nine why would you move because I don’t you want me to finish you on the eggs one two three four five six seven eight nine get up now we need red bowl you stinking idiot I’m horrible mr.

Auction it off hey what’s that what’s.