Usb-c All The Things! (pt 2)

Hey what is up guys I’m PFC here and this is USB see all the things part two so part one was going over the best of USB type-c accessories to help you bridge the gap between the old outgoing full-sized USB a standard and the new incoming Universal standard USB type-c now that was more than six months ago but.

This part two is talking to you manufacturers.

Of electronics so a PSA to electronics companies now is the time to go ahead and just feel free to USB see all the things it’s 2017 and we’re in this awkward sort of.

Middle phase where it’s not quite a no-brainer to go with USB type-c and a new.

Device even though you totally should a lot of electronics and computers and accessories and things are coming out that don’t use USB type-c even still because it isn’t quite everywhere yet you might be a little worried about compatibility with older customers or people getting confused about.

New port when they still have this old port in other places but I’m telling you that you guys can be the ones to push forward into this future to make it less confusing take Apple for example with their laptops obviously Apple is one of those companies who can do this but they.

Basically just declared and decided that they wanted USBC to be the future of connectivity and their devices so with all the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros their entire laptop lineup they took away full-size USB a ports and replace them all with USB type-c 3.1 there’s no downsides and now there’s way less confusion because you’ve gone straight from the old one to the new one the old port.

To the new port and now all the ports on all the Mac books are USB type-c that’s a much easier mental hurdle to clear of why a new port exists and.

The old one doesn’t anymore another example is Samsung with their smartphones they’ve wizened up a lot too they used to have microUSB in some phones and USB micro-b for the note that was a weird one but now if you check out the smartphone lineup boom it’s USB see across the board in.

Fact many smartphones coming out now are a USB type-c and that’s a great categorical example of companies moving forward quickly because of heavy competition so pretty much every smartphone you’ll see coming out now has USB type-c except for the iPhone but other categories don’t necessarily have the same stiff rigorous competition so they’re not.

Necessarily in that same race to adopt the most badass features as quickly as possible take this mouse for example Logitech MX master literally one of my favorite mice ever came out in early 2015 so a couple years ago and then recently Logitech decided it’s time for a refresh so they.

Came out with the Logitech MX master 2’s nice so a little bit of a refresh new coating.

Some new color choices to pick from a newer longer-lasting battery a higher dpi sensor but at the front the same micro USB now in something as simple as a mouse Logitech probably accurately thought it’s probably doesn’t even matter if you.

Switch to USB type-c or not there’s no crunch for space there’s no need to use a smaller faster port here and the only thing you actually use the cable for with this mouse is charging anyway so.