Htc Desire 10 Lifestyle Review

HTC Desire 10 lifestyle review the HTC Desire 10 lifestyle is a mid-range Android smartphone that’s not for everyone while it does have its pros there are more than enough cons to weigh it down the handset isn’t available in the US but European customers can get it for around $300 which makes it a bit more expensive than most of.

Its competitors we’ll let you decide for yourself if the price is worth it so let’s get straight into it shall we in the Box HTC Desire 10 lifestyle.

USB to microUSB cable wall charger Pyrus audio headphones wrist strap various booklets the HTC Desire 10 lifestyle comes in four color variants polar white stone black royal blue and valentine.

Luxe a gentle light blue we have the stone black up for review and we have to admit it looks pretty good the device features some gold coloured accents on top of its all plastic design which really make it stand out we would prefer metal or glass but the price sort of justifies.