How Much Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Get That Patient Referral (home Health Marketing)

Most people incorrectly estimate the amount of effort it takes to get the results they want most people think they’re going to open up a home health agency they’re gonna work as a marketer as a liaison and they’re gonna make some phone calls do a couple visits and then here comes rolling in all the patients everyone always makes the.

Incorrect estimate amount of effort and we never get where we should.

Even just be okay you heared the whole quote of reach for the stars and at least you land in the moon you need to always work okay over estimate.

The necessity the amount of work needed to be able to get the success that you want how many phone calls do you think you need to call in a week to get the appointments if you think you’re gonna get 10 new acquaintances in week how many phone calls you need to make what let’s say for.

Example your conversion factor is literally 1% or that average of 3% conversion for the average type of marketers out there that means you need to be able to what make our hundred phone calls just.

To get three appointments but that’s just three appointments how much is your closing ratio can you close and get them to start referring to you that’s a whole different percentage so most people think that they can only provide this much amount of.

Work to get the success that they feel they deserve the success that you feel you deserve means you need to be able to multiply more work more effort into what you’re doing the only way to get big results increase your referral sources that increase your patient census is to literally.

Action massive action equals with at least a hundred percent more than what you think you will take that it will take to attain one thing so that you think right now is what you need to do is you are wrong it’s gonna take at least ten times of what you’re doing right now or what.

You think you need to do now to accomplish what you deserve or what you feel you deserve remember reach for the stars land in the moon that is still a good result if you reach for the moon to try to make it to the moon you.

May get stuck in the middle of nowhere so quick take away you need to write down your.
Goals more than what you have today you have to create goals if your.

Goal is to reach 60 patients as a census you need to reach more.

Than that and ask for at least 120 because most agencies that say I just want a typical 50 patient or 60 patient census they make it there they never go past that and then they drop down so make sure you write your goals above them what you really really think you deserve you then need to create a map of actions and.

Strategies of how to get you there do you have your policy procedures do you have a business plan okay most agencies and most companies will write a business plan to get.

Get the their application in but the question is is there the right business plan the business plan that I wrote for my company more than.

Three years ago has changed completely you must be able to create a business plan and then adjust it as necessary be able to.

Understand that things will have to change things is not going to be perfect there’s gonna be some bumps in the road there’s gonna be some turns in front of.

You and you need to be able to make those turns and adjust from it knots get stuck and stay where you are you need to have your strategies and other than the fact that you creating a set the strategies you need to have everybody to be unified within your company even within your family and friends and you need to let them know your plans and goals so that they can cheer.
You on they can push you on where..

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