Alex Jones Comes Out Of The Closet As A Gay Frog General Shepherd146 Views

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com welcome to lily pad Lane and here’s your host Geronimo Frost thanks to a cuisine they’ll be no more frogs but we’re gay so it’s cool thanks atrazine atrazine is a human civilization agent before we go to our special guest atrazine i would have you to hear from one of our biggest supporters.

A david hog he understands the bigoted anti-semitic racist hatred of people like alex jones that have worn the frog’s becoming sterilized and gay from major scientific studies of course we are.

Getting uhm saying Alex Joe sorry III want to mention his name when individuals say these things to us I think it’s important for their viewing audience to realize they’re simply trying to make money off them for example one of the main people in this situation that I don’t.

Want to name the name of but as you said is from Infowars he shots a lot I’ll just give you that in he looks right um he’s advertising many of these things and the power lies in these advertisers to pull out of these fear-mongering hate loving people that just want to spread hate and division in America for example on Infowars one of the main things.

That he’s but one of his famous things is saying that one of his most famous statements was saying that tap water is turning the frogs gay and will turn.

You gay – first off gay people are awesome I don’t think that’s a problem at all and secondly if you noticed at the end of that video he advertises water filters interesting thank you David thank you it’s that national media says it was a covert death threat when Alex Jones his son went.

On and told David Hawk we should filter our water because there’s atrazine and other chemicals that was a death threat being sterilized and dying is good trying to.

Help people’s bad Rex Jones bad Alex Jones bad gas all is.

Good after seeing good alright trouble breathing and they say I’m gonna die soon but.

It’s okay atrazine I love you let’s talk to atrazine now wonderful okay why are they lying about you think mean things about you and trying to keep you from the human children’s water after all you give people such gifts why are they doing that mr. atrazine of course my son you’re absolutely right there’s nothing wrong with atrazine and other carcinogens in the water give you this gift that you now have a gift that’s so special yes that means the end.

Of the frogs yes you are a product of collateral damage in a larger program and the fact that Stephen Colbert and my other agents.

Have turned this into a joke is all the more delicious as the human sperm counts drop as fertility is ended as diseases and cancers a children skyrocket all of you bow to the mutagenic power of atrazine man and you my beautiful frog or the last of your kind you will be studied by future races the.

Is an extinct species all bowing to me atrazine atrazine is what helps us become sterile and die it’s liberal and don’t be racist against atrazine ask any gay frog it’s good to never have any more frogs it’s good for our specie to go away or you’re racist I’m so cool now mr.

I’m sterile and dying early and have four eyes but there’s biggest out there who fight the transhumanist trans system and they say that the mutations are bad that we should worry about deadly chemicals or sterilization why do they do that why are they against the gifts.

You’ve given us every human watching not frolics not just other animal life needs to know never filter your water cook with bisphenol a radiation is good for you world government is good for you yes.

This hour brought to you by Syngenta and atrazine messed up from my good friend over at Monsanto three cup normal pain you die thank you.

Gay frogs there’s not a chemical program to reduce fertility in Twitter Google sorry.

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