Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

Hey Steve world outdoors first video let’s talk about the PC phone line winder today this is quite a tool it completely revolutionizes putting line on your reel simplifies it you don’t have to have a reel on a rod and it’s much easier to use the lime winder than it is to use a spinning rod or a casting rod.

And someone holding the spool pencil you don’t need help you don’t have to have someone else hold your spool let’s talk about setting it up with a casting reel first the tensioner on the line liner is right up here for the arbor that’s the.

Are those that will literally spin okay but you’re gonna want to do for a casting want real tighten that screw down so that doesn’t step okay then this tensioner right here will set.

The amount of tension you have on your spool lines so by turning this knob down I can increase or reduce the.

Tension on the school this increases it basically clockwise or counterclockwise we loose it take the spool this particular spool is a contest super line snap it into the line Lander set the.

Tension so it is reasonably tight then you want to attach the line to the casting room that’s ready to go on a real take the reel and mount it as if you would be putting it on any.

Fishing rod lock it down nice and tight I’ve already got backing on here then tie the two lines together all right we’re ready to fill the spool all you have to do click it over get it.

Tight so I’m lighting it nice and even and I’ve got that spool tension set on a spool of wine so it’s really tight that way I’m winding my super line on it as tight as it needs to so that I never have a problem with the.
Falling up or with the Lion burying down into it when I set the hook.

At the end of the cast all right I got the spool felt nice and tight very evenly across on the reel spool wine look back on my rack my casting reel and mounted back to my casting rod and go fishing look what some 40-pound super line on here now because I’m going to use this reel for muskie fishing I got the line.

Winder set up so that the roller will spin because that’s what you.

Do with a spinning reel I’ve got the tensioner on it so that I’ve got these two arms holding that spool nice and tight I’ve got the school all schooled up with super line ready to put it.

On a medium heavy to heavy action rod get out in the water to catch some fish.