Gta V Online Live With The War General And Adubb Gaming

Man as a fellow youtuber you couldn’t compete I’m looking at a depth gaming right there and it’s uh yeah you’re gonna you know what I’m talking about in a tub or now yeah yeah this really is starting to piss me I don’t know maybe I have to reset my router this the I I guarantee this hacker is still.

Kind of fucking with me I don’t know I’m just gonna go to a invitin I’m gonna go to a friends-only session just wait for you guys didn’t.

Buy it wax I could just joined through the party in spectate I forgot about that joint session Oh your mic sounds different though you sound like you further away yeah two minutes are.

Dodging them finds Selena oh yeah it sounds like it did alright now now inspect any you guys hell I’m parachuting to the thing Oh yeah if something’s going on again I don’t know what the hell is going on I’m getting that triangle with the good with it with the what.

The fuck is going on with my internet man this dude’s fucking around my internet and it’s really pissing me off I’m nowhere near a cap oh yeah I’ve gained a couple of them man there al came from you and I have preeto I appreciate I got.

Five people watching me unfortunately but I mean unfortunately that you know they’re seeing a fucking black screen with the triangle I don’t know what is going on with that are you guys seeing the same thing yeah what what causes that I don’t see how I got the Panna cottas panoramic Wi-Fi box and my shits head connected directly to my box your own last name before it went black pills actually really.

Cocks it’s never done this it’s never done this though I’m guarantee is that fucking hacker okay I see here speed test right that’s what I need to say speed test speed test cocks there we go enter it speed test run speed test thanks for that that helps out hmm ya know what’s happenin let me just go.

Ahead and stop my livestream here it’s that it’s not it’s not good for me to be doing Elijah and try and do this test though cuz I mean.

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