The Quest For Hyoh Part 2 – [ffbe] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Let’s see it up blitzie it up let’s see it lets see it up but I need you guys thank you so much for the dollar howl I appreciate you bless it up bless it bless it bless see it up bless see it up ain’t looking ain’t looking I’m looking a chat get hype chat I can’t see what’s going.

On – they’re multiple rainbows is there only one at the end is it unawakened rain so I get another force oh I see some throw-ups that’s that’s not good no that’s the rough one boys that’s a rough on boys I’ll do three awakened drains man flip that coins and all you can tell that a good thing is.

It you know why shadow I’m glad you’re here for that cuz it looks really nice I meet her right I’ve gotten like six of you you fucking piece of shit thank you so much let me Ichigo holy shit you’re pretty much self some plea supporting my channel I appreciate you I literally.

Like I don’t mean to rage but this muhfucka need to get out of my e^x pool maybe you know what you need to do go take a shower hit the showers kid alright dude I don’t think you can get healed from these but here we go we’ll bust these out too baby.

Hey baby whoa hey boys we making some changes up in here kinky bud sex what a name dude you know what thank you for that feels bad man it feels good to get a feels bad man in the chat every once in a while let’s hit it up did you guys see any rain booze in there no rainbows er then I miss one did you see in the pool.

There were any you got any of him give me the power my friend give me the power you know what that’s no good.

Chat you know what that put me in a real good mood that made me feel mucho better think you guys for the follows that made me feel a bit better that felt great didn’t know yeah I felt good it that was a good size to pick me up right there that’s a.

Pick me up here we go y’all feel better I’m feeling like I’m feeling united I’m feeling good dude let’s see what happens here mucho.

Better that’s what I’m talking about it yo sp12 um er hi I think it’s live does that put prime sub thank you thank you so much appreciate you in the donation from Simon SC soulcrusher cheers buddy.
Yeah exactly man exactly SC spends the soul crusher.

But yeah that’s the wishes anybody getting hit by the hurricane man.

That’s what’s important to keep your.

Family your animals everybody’s safe hopefully your property jenos gonna be rough at hopefully it’s okay let’s get it boys hey girls ain’t you hey children no oh.

No oh no I think second hero pixal unless you unless you don’t really have any other magic Cooter’s I guess Maxim we did the step up banner and it was it was okay it was okay some rainbows nothing ones we wanted suggest three to two thank.

You so much baby bless this ball baby whatsit up give it at the rainbow power come on me come on shit dude look that’s hard to get that’s hard that’s hard to swallow.

Actually because that’s for coming flips I’m lost alright it let me check this coin Gumi double tells Queen give me are you playing with the rig deck you can play with that fish back to me what the fuck wonder fun man double towels I.

Think it’s a pebble tell I think new means it fucking with a big bang I think they rings it up will you why not dude i haven’t i’ve only beaten the first boss on her own so far oh that’s right Discordian that’s right that’s what i.

Need to do that’s what I need to do that’s it do I got three we can ring up the last one or more than three is that three it one more I’ve got one here oh so far I’ve gotten one how many legacy what’s going on don’t get salty insulting evil you’re right man.
I can’t be stepping on your toes dude cheers.

My friend yo what up ultimate war I think you get the second he’ll probably disease whoa for some money for more money holy shit dude holy shit no one close to two.

Years keep up the great work thank you so much love as I appreciate that let’s hit this up hard let’s get a girl to the heart let’s see what happens Bam Bam Bam Bam punch it you’re right dude I should’ve punched it I should’ve punched it right in its stupid face it’s not bad it’s not bad it’s just it doesn’t have the same kick to it you know what I mean alright here.

We go let’s finish up these polls this is it that’s right I got goings on beer what am i doing can we do that please yo good morning cool beat what’s up buddy how you doing it’s good heroic it’s going real like the rabbit hole is real deep I don’t understand what’s going on let’s go Orrin thank you so much for all the.

Support my friend let’s kick it up a notch you know fuck this shit get my Jersey Nami yeah go game day tomorrow game got canceled but you know what still root for him fruit farming he inhabited but hey we got a lot of college football tomorrow let’s do it up come on baby come on dude come on baby come on.
Dude that is so true that’s it that is.

Like that is the truest thing I’ve ever seen in my life how droll is that hell troll it holy shit that is the trollese thing ever huh love it that is so true isn’t it like how how dude how that is the troll East that is the troll is what’s that bike cool oh what’s going on it’s.

Hit that site you ain’t wrong my friend you ain’t wrong how troll was that the game knows the caliber at youth you have no idea about Fred if you’re just tuning in yes let’s take the rain away give you some more yo do that sounds like it would be right Loki ow how weird is that that is kind of weird I’ve gotten four just from today yeah dude how crazy how crazy is that dude that’s kind of nuts bro that’s.

Kind of nuts shit dude the rainbow there no rainbow here no Naruto music no Hill all right fine we’ll put some more Nora to music on if that’s what she if that’s what I need to get him we’ll do it up here we go let’s do last time yeah the durian a villa 17-month resub appreciate you very true it might be a little too outside will turn out a.

Little bit come on may you praise beauty Evan blue welcome back buddy thank you so much my friend let’s go come on throw it away can rein me again baby don’t.

Wake the rain me again so probably gets two guys is that is a super.

Super copyrighted song it will it will smack me so fast my dick up fly off they’ll beat me down to where you get into submission yeah no room is there either shit cloud I’m sorry bro I’m sorry bro but I gotta use it.

I can’t help it cloud I need something oh yeah oh my god really mica cloud do this for you man use it bro use it all but.

Breaks your ears also I’m sorry I need something to change my luck here dude I refuse the Chi come on baby come on oh it has a good ending your without mine what’s up buddy come on come on champ let these move once these balls did you hi Freddy it’s there these are it’s bad luck but sometimes you get bad luck you’ve got a fuck to do with this.

Oh god please would be waiting for a.

Long time but second French that’s long so high pile I’m sorry so they got it so those we gotta bust into your uh your sleep reserve nobody.

Owes results co2 results there but it just didn’t get it there guru through that rainbow cap go through that rainbow catalog you know what I mean just going through it homie an got.

A look or log of these fools click I think the priests role transfer to you I think it did I think it did thank you so much for coming back and use your.

Twitter on here buddy I appreciate you you were the chosen one heal you’re supposed to be Breathitt you know sorry you were supposed to break ever be not bring balance to the game with your six star version set the feet musing into choice tickets it wasn’t meant to be did you need a pep talk you’re.

Right – fuck yeah you know who’s gonna give me.

That pep talk I got it right now you know living with you people see me but they think of.

You now with all this going on is gonna be worse than ever we’re.

Going up to be no sure it does well you got a lot going on kid oh well my last name that’s the reason I got.

A decent job that’s the reason why people deal with me in the first place now I start to get a little ahead I start to get a little something for myself and this happens now I’m asking you as a favor.

Not to go through with this okay this is only gonna end up bad for you and it’s gonna end up bad for me is you’re gonna hurt you yeah in a way you are it’s the last thing I ever wanted to do I know that’s not what you want to do but that’s just the way that it is don’t.

You care what people think doesn’t it bother you that that people are making you out to be a joke and they’d only be included in that do you think that’s right do you this is the most emotional speech one of the money this we used to fit right here I’d hold you up to say to your mother this kid’s gonna be the best kid in the world this kid’s.

Gonna be somebody better than anybody ever knew and you grew up good and wonderful it was great just watching every day was like a privilege then.

The time come for you to be your own man and take on the world and you did but somewhere along.

The line you changed you stopped being you you let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good and when things got hard you started looking for something to blame like a big shadow let me tell you something you already know the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows he’s a.

Very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are.

It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it you me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as.

Life but it ain’t about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving.

Forward that’s how winning is done now if you know what you’re worth the glottic delt what you’re worth buddy we’ll take the heads and taking the heads.

Fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him or her.

Or anybody cowards do that and that ain’t you and ain’t you.

Chance we’re better than that chat then ain’t cowards we ain’t cowards at I’m always gonna love you no matter what no matter what happens you’re my.

Son and you’re my play you’re.

The best thing in my life what an amazing what an amazing saintly with yourself life what an amazing scene but you know what I got me you know what that got me that was a good pep talk that got me happy that got me back to where I.

Need to be you know these brakes are all we needs a good pep talk break good pep talk break and we’re going back to the stay in song because normally this is where I get my luck love this try to get my oh my god please yo Pierre Pierre Pierre whichever one it is thank you so much Luc sub.

Come on guys come on come on light it up Jett let’s do it dude please this is our moment chances that just knock it out forget everything else we.

Can do it right here guys we can do it right here this thank.

You so much for the prize sub come together chat we do this in the community light it up baby oh fuck it good the door god.

It feels fucking vindicated get the fuck out of here fuck yeah Rocky Balboa me keep my dad dude I’m a dude let’s go baby fuck yes.

Yes you fucking done man the fucking pain is over we didn’t get hit like we doing we got hit hard but we don’t get hit like same roots gonna let it.

Play let it fucking roll enjoy a chat enjoy it enjoy it come on enjoy it don’t to go even further beyond to me let’s go Godzilla thank you for all the subs baby thank you for all the support today fuck yeah dude it’s fucking.

Over thank you so much 21 fuck yeah it is oh love it.