Crypto Motivation: Risk Vs Regret Motivational Video For Success, Students And Entrepreneurs

You know a lot of people come up to me and they ask me Marco what is it that motivates you most and to answer their question I reply back with a question I say what if I told you that you had one week left to live would you regret not pursuing your dreams passions and desires would you regret.

Not living your life to the fullest would you regret not spending as much time with your family friends or loved ones you know Steve Jobs said in a speech.

One time that he used to wake up every morning look in the mirror and ask himself questions like this and he said that if the answer was yes for too many days in a row then he knew that he had to change something and that should go for all of us if you’re living.

A life that you would not be okay with losing.

Because you were able to do things you wanted to do then now you know that you need to change something life is simply too short and unpredictable to not live exactly the way that you please it.

Is ridiculously unpredictable it is possible that on any given day to die at any point.

Throughout that day without ever being able to see it coming you know when I was 13 I had this teacher who was an absolutely amazing person I’ve known him.

For several years then and he had two kids.

A loving wife he was a man of God contributed to the community he gave us everything that he had and he would bike to school every single day I always remember him come to school.

And one morning on his way to.

The morning he was crossing an intersection a reckless driver comes out or no hits him he dies on the spot on the moment of impact his death taught me so many valuable things in life and one of them being that it went on to show that.

No matter how much you don’t deserve to die and no matter how good of a person you are and no matter what your situation is no matter anything it goes to show that death is inevitable in random and it will eventually consume each and every single one of us whether it’s in 50 years in 10 years next year or even tomorrow you cannot control it the people around you cannot control as long as you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time your.

Whole life could disappear in the blink of an eye along with everything you wished you could have done whether you’re walking down the street whether you’re stepping into the elevator whether you’re walking down the stairs whether you’re.
Whether you’re just existing listen you’ll.

See people from nowhere die of a heart attack gone no family history no symptoms no causes nothing it happens and that’s the cruel life that we live in and.

It’s something that we cannot control so what I want to make clear is that regardless of the path that you take in your life at one point death will consume you it doesn’t care whether.

You floss your teeth in the morning whether you raise a family or not whether you go on.

To be rich or a success a failure whether whatever you are still going to die at one point it is that simple and knowing that you’re going.

To die soon should be the biggest motivation to both make the difficult decisions in life and to get your ass out of bed in the morning so now the question becomes what is it.