Healthy Breakfast Smoothie For Good Looking Skin

So guys today we are going to make green smoothie with household and finding neutral for that we need 1 glass of water 1 lemon 1 Cacambo coriander leaves and 2 inch of ginger we will finely chop them before that we will clean our vegetable very nicely with water make sure our vegetables are clean with water very nicely because.

Place in this wall we have so many chemicals used in vegetable so that’s why we have to clean up our vegetable very nicely and cut them squeeze some lemon with all.

Vegetable and mixture and make it a thick paste please lemon in this paste and add this paste in water so here we are ready to meet our green smoothie so guys we are ready with our green smoothie healthy breakfast I had write down all integral of these vegetables and benefits of this vegetable so read carefully and make it your breakfast routine or your flair to me tell you.

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