Trader Joe's Grocery Haul | Healthy And Budget Friendly

Hey what’s up everybody its Katie Austin here and welcome back to my channel today’s video is super exciting because I’m believes you guys through my grocery haul and I get a lot of questions about this when I get to the grocery store do I make a list and yes I always make a list before I go to the.

Grocery store so make sure you do too because you never want to show up to the grocery store and be like oh.

Shoot what do I get today maybe I’ll get this bag of Doritos maybe I’ll get this bag of junk food and you never want to go to the grocery store without an agenda always want to.

Have a plan that way your eye is on the prize aka is that healthy food and that way you have a list of what you can make for your healthy meals as.

Well so you can pull an out your week of recipes meal prep etc etc etc so let’s get into my eating healthy on a budget grocery haul I measured it out and all of this was under $100 aka 7 days this will last me three to.
Four meals a day and each meal will be about 450 and.

So I actually have one of my meal prep.

Recipes that I’m going to do with this on.

My blog I will link it down below on how each meal comes out to four dollars in the descent if.

You guys don’t believe me so make sure you read that but I just wanted to go over at my grocery haul as you buy it so let’s.

Get right into it just listing out what I like ticket first.

Things first we got migraines and what usually goes as my base of my bowl or as I see here pasta but it’s brown rice and quinoa pasta and this obviously really fills me up I’m a car girl but a good card kind of girl so I.

Love to go for quinoa or some healthy brown rice quinoa pasta then first snack nuts are a great snack for energy and they’re not very that’s it so I’d love to go for a little nut dried.

Fruit mix for a midday pick-me-up then I love getting some beans I got.

Some white beans garbanzo beans I love chickpeas and lentils honestly they give you great protein and beans are a pretty pretty good price they’re not too expensive lentils are a little bit more on the expensive side but they’re so good free then I have some sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes have a lot more better nutrients than you than white potatoes for you what I like to do is two different.

Things I like to have mashed potatoes so I will cut mashed sweet potatoes or lxu sweet potato fries during the middle of my week and sweet potatoes again are not that bad.

A price then if you guys go to Trader Joe’s you know that this everything bagel seasoning is a light you can put up on anything it’ll taste good as for fruit I actually.

Don’t get that much refrigerated fruit just because I personally feel like I’m always on the go and fruit actually goes bad really fast so I don’t buy that much fruit unless it’s bananas and I like to write one other thing that I can put maybe my yogurt.

In the morning or do you know handful before I go work out but personally if I’m.

Buying fruit I’m actually going to buy it frozen because I like putting fruit my smoothies and that’s usually the only way that I buy fruit is in my smoothies and frozen fruit will last longer then again going back to snacks with nuts I always like to buy popcorn because I’m the type of girl who watches Netflix at night and I need a snack to munch on and actually a handful of popcorn has more fiber and antioxidants that.

I have Bowl blueberries so actually not that bad for you sprinkle of a little olive oil and salt healthy snack at night then my choice of meat for this week was chicken so again if you’re vegan this actually might be a little bit cheaper for you just because.

Meat and those expensive parts so.

So for me my two preferences of meat are some ground turkey and organic chicken breast then of course I got to have my avocado I put avocado on every salad speaking of salads all my dressings I.

Don’t really use many creamy dressings many ranch dressings or anything like that I use olive oil a squeeze of lemon and some garlic and that is what I put on so many of my vegetables I think it’s the best taste that garlic olive oil and lemon together great dressing you should try.

It out so that what these two are for then of course eggs in the morning but I also like to have eggs maybe for lunch or for dinner -.

I put it over my quinoa or my brown rice or something like that as a nice little Brian rice dish this let’s get to the greens my favorite greens are here.

We go broccolini spinach and my most favorite and actually.

One of the cheaper vegetables on the market some zucchini you can actually buy this book I buy them one two three four five zucchinis a time so the more.

You buy is actually cheaper and.

If you zuto years to keep zucchinis you know.

That they actually 2 zucchinis there’s like.

One serving size so you’ll need a lot of the key then I like to have my romaine hearts for.

Any salad that I’m making I like to put my romaine with a little bit of.

Chicken a little bit of quinoa love an apartment dog cheese on top it’s a great great midday salad right there then almost done you guys.

Almost done almost done all right and then last but not least I love making smoothies like I said so I use almond milk for all my smoothies and then here is where your budget crunch is gonna come in big time if you’re a coffee drinker I buy French roast beans because personally I spend about five or six dollars every day on coffee because I like a latte or like a cappuccino and we all know that that it’s so expensive you’re looking at five dollars every single.

Day $35 a week which really adds up so what I like to do is actually brew my own coffee put a little bit.

Of almond milk in there and there you go you’re saving your weekly from now on cotton so thank you so much for watching guys I really hope you enjoyed this healthy grocery haul this is what I usually buy at the grocery store of.

Course I love other alternatives to like I love cauliflower I love carrots there’s so many more things that I love but here are my go-to is I hope you really enjoy this video make sure to LIKE thumbs up this video subscribe comment what you guys buy at the grocery store if you had any more suggestions and I will see.

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