Cardi B – Money | Reaction

What’s up y’all so welcome back to my channel today i will be doing a reaction review type thing to the new cardi be single that she just dropped yes so if you I don’t know my name is Lily welcome to my channel if you’re not subscribed we’ll head of that for me followed by turning on your notifications so.

You never miss when I drop a new video alright so I’m gonna make this real quick is sweet world together they say me was gonna be no long video so by the looks of it I already see that a lot about the.

About the wrong song this song is three minutes and four seconds so let me give you a little rundown how this video is going to go once the song is planned the sound will drop down drastically because I’m not going to get copyrighted um oh you guys bf okay so I want y’all go ahead and know that so y’all won’t be like oh my god why is it cut why’s it so low while we can’t hear you can listen to this.

On your own time y’all were here to see my reaction my review okay so that’s it nothing more I’m at the last so let’s get to it this little.

Single picture that’s cute she wrote naked I see that snap back it’s too real from heaven baby culture right.

There a baby name and that there baby name wait a minute wait I was about ready all let us thank you honey I really truly was not ready for all of that not ready for all of that just yet all right so she came out with the punches she coming out strong okay everybody she better talk about.
It she sure she speaking facts.

Right now major effects see how the hair was at my nose or something this is the killer song he’s gonna give me in the moola be jumping out of.

Highway speed is she fine she think she can’t be both okay so we already back to the course.

The hitting a little punchline little thing and I’m the hook and she okay I’m kind of corny be rapping okay she doing what she’d be doing has he started when she was doing what she was doing I uh this.

Song like I said it give me like it sound like it’s the type of song where a beat is supposed to actually like drop and didn’t supposed to go crazy but I guess she just keeping that same.

Momentum like she she stopped and I ain’t no be dropping this come on we doing this we doing this this is how we doing it so violent and so violent yeah I can’t.

Say I’m like my juice dark like do say because was just saying that we gonna go to it cuz mommy and ain’t dorks can’t okay so she getting hoarse she go in this this is like a lot of energy like a lot of energy I like that kind of.

Music nonetheless I do like arm be and all that too but right here she giving.

Me bro high-energy she giving me she she punching people okay we’re brass knuckles money money oh no that wasn’t the last one okay so.

We done listening to this new Carter v song this is giving me rot energy I’m rocking with it okay cardi B whoo toot your own horn beat me do all.

Of that because she did this and this picture is everything girl she said yes I had a baby and I snapped back three snaps okay so shot so cardi B she did her thing with this a shout-out to y’all for watching it this far make sure you thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up don’t forget to.