New Inventions (2018):5 Amazing Gadgets You Want To Buy !!

Augmented reality is changing the way we access and interact with the digital world it can liberate information trapped on two-dimensional surfaces and visualize digital models where physical ones are inaccessible today we experience augmented reality with the most optimized Hardware on the planet a smartphone the challenge is augmented reality on smartphones is often experienced with the device in hand.

Meaning just a small percentage of your views actually augmented that’s why we have developed Maggi Mars a new way to unleash the power of your smartphone to create an immersive.

Environment of high resolution augmented reality unlike anything seen before conventional augmented reality headsets use the split-screen stereoscopic technology resulting in a low resolution experience Maggi masks on the other hand uses a breakthrough lens technology for the first time enabling a full screen high-definition augmented reality experience giving you more impressive more comfortable and more intense a our experiences and best of all Maji Mars is.

Compatible with countless AR apps that don’t work with conventional headsets with madam ask your 3d models.

Can be visualized with the possibility to move around them with six degrees of freedom it allows you to teach with a brand new toolbox and learn with a game-changing level of immersion you can explore fullscreen AR games or enter through portals into virtual worlds and when it’s.

Time to kick back you can just play a normal film and turn Madame ass into your own portable cinema however maji mask is much more than the ground-breaking mask itself we are including physical tracker objects enabling you to interact with the digital world in new ways the magic tile ensures stable tracking of your 3d models on all surfaces the magic dice.

Is a physical link to the virtual world and lets you control and move digital objects in real time Maji Mars brings a breakthrough easy-to-use high-definition experience to all the possibilities within augmented reality be among the first to experience the next level of.

Mobile AR you have you been looking for a pal Oh cable that can connect to any device with ten times charging speed introducing XPower double mag two-way magnetic cable the world’s first.

Which supports power delivery quick charge and quick release for all devices X powered double mag supports a wide range of connectors it’s the.

Most complete solution ever make your own combination for your convenience double mag helps to keep your smartphone safe while charging also keep your laptop safe by bringing back MagSafe feature to your laptop X power double mag is the world’s first magnetic cable with PD.

Support it works great with MacBook and switch charge your phone while.

Driving can be troublesome with X powered double mag simply plug in charge with one hand double Meg automatically connects within three to four centimeter range with strong and thirty.

Eighth grade neodym magnets double mag cable is able to hold up to 500 GS by attaching this special accessory.

The cable can work as an LED light the round connector connects in 360 degrees it also works as a dust protector the cable passes over 30,000 times been test its even strong enough for car towing X power double.

Mag two-way magnetic cable has already finished test and examination status and is ready for mass production with your support.
We will continue to provide quality and innovative products to.

Customers purchase now and give us a chance to be your power how many times in your life have you come across the moment you have to carry too many gadgets from multipolar bags to wax people what is the story about this we understand it can be too difficult to carry multiplied by this problem that’s why we’re introducing cell tricks the world’s first multifunctional device save your photos videos or files wirelessly through the mobile app with its expandable memory of up to 1 terabyte this adds dual sim capability to your phone.

Along with being a portable hotspot to keep you connected everywhere never run out a charge again with 6200 mAh battery enjoy your music on the go with its powerful stereo speaker my name is hi everyone I’m Dilip and my background is in app development.

The design of a hardware product is very important that to complex product like it’s been built and designed to make.
Your life easier we found that.

People don’t like to carry much people with gadgets so being created a device.

Which is multifunctional consisting of speaker hotspot storage and power time in a single whatever device we have taken a user centric design approach in the beginning when we started working on the cell bricks for just a hotspot device but after market.

Research and suggestion from our friends you found out that user needs a mode so we created cell fix we wanted to create a design which is simple but get provides an immense.

Experience to the user so we added multiple features like sim crate storage power bank and speaker all the European have design and so should our product to make.

Fertility now we need your support in order to go to mass production and value ascetic to all of you throughout the process we’ll keep you informed.

On what’s going to excel tricks we are so excited to build centers and get it you you join our campaign and let’s change the world of gadgets extend the.

Capabilities of your phone with cell tracks the right companion for your phone sweats when you wear a.

Hat and it starts to smell – those bad odors are caused by bacteria and fungi that are living inside your.

Hat introducing solid you need a way to kill the bacteria and keep your hat looking and smelling fresh did it hit me yeah got swagger they.
All Soloff uses powerful LEDs to produce UVC light to sanitize.

Sterilize and remove odors from your hat it also has deodorizing capsules to keep hats smelling fresh to sterilize.

Your hat place it on the solar the sterilization process starts automatically and in five minutes you can kill up to 99.

9% of bacteria and fungi inside your hat you.

Can also use solid to sanitize.

And sterilize wigs the UVC light shines in.

A hemispherical shape so every part of a wig that touches your head is sterilized now you can wear your wigs whenever you want solid.