Drinks With Jatarri: Things I Like/dislike About Myself!

Wagwan Tuolumne bosses welcome back fatty t see that boom-boom stop I’m jittery and I am back with another part to drinks with guitar people are sound walking itself I get so annoyed when I’m trying to like do a video or something and somebody always gotta be walking past or you know something always got to be going on like.

Y’all mind your business anyway so my energy is just a little bit low right now because um so first and for the first and foremost you are like I.

Did my lime juice today finally I got to it and like so my laundry gets done at this time it’s not missing its own dryer so my logic is done and soon as I opened up the dryer door the dryer just knocked all my clothes off the wig line I just feel so disrespected and so belittle and I’m never like using that song dryer again what do you believe but no.

So anyway I just wanted to come back on another video kind of quick right but anyway I wanted this.

Going to be about like things that I like and dislike about my so you want to know what and its lifetime is easy to drag other people but sometimes you need to sit down you need to drive your own D a. and self or cannot just stay down because it’s not really trash anyway sometimes you gotta like.

Read your own self so that’s what I’m about to do so one thing that I like about myself is that I always feel a bright side to everything like even if I’m just.

Like and my feelings are something and or I don’t know maybe I could just be sad like excuse me I I’m back first before I continue whatever I was just talking about I just want to say that the last video I uploaded they do know what to look like that the quality of.

My camera does not look trashy like what the youtubes just tried to do so I’m gonna let them get away with an angle I don’t care anyway I.

Mean I’m I am a little bit aggravated because cuz you turn my video quality to their own trash but anyway I was saying that I always see a bright side to something I can be so sad I can be in my feelings I can be in the worst mood but I immediately think of something funny or like it’s always at some point I’m just like okay sad Tom over wit or something like I never just be in my feelings or just be depressed like with the type.

Of spirit that I have like depression and all that type of stuff is just not really it’s not really possible cuz I’m just so I’m just so ignorant and childish like it just won’t work my my spirit and my energy is always like you know Rufus that’s.

One thing that a lot of people know about okay so the next thing is I do not do things that does that makes no sense at all.

Like a lot of people always like to tell me like oh you’re so talented or oh you holding yourself back blah blah blah like go do this drop everything just go and my thing is I appreciate the support and like the faith that you guys have amiibo which are me to understand about guitar E is that I don’t take risk risk that when there is.

No logic behind even if the risk does not make sense logically I won’t take it because I’m not going to be like um I’m not starting over again like you know I’ve went to through a.

Trial and error and now I’m finally like you know like I just want to it’s not that I’m afraid to take risk.

But I just want to be smart about about it because like I just want great things from here on if that makes any sense at all so oh okay this is the easy stuff I’m loving I’m kind.

I’m attractive like obviously of course like my eyes my body my choice like of course all that.
Stuff about me like a lot of people don’t like.

Physical characteristics about themselves like a lot of people may be like oh I.

Wanna get thicker a lot of girls say this oh I want to get thicker I want a bigger booty or you know some dudes want it be more about or you know like I don’t know like everybody has.

Their own stuff for me I’m I’m perfectly fine the way that I am like I’m blessed so anything so I didn’t say like my eyes and my poison blah blah blah okay so if.

You know me personally then you know that author that ish is poppin right okay so but no another thing that I need to pride myself on justice another thing that I would like to pride myself on is my work ethic like like to to help especially from starting from a young age like I moved out of my parents house with my choice at 18 or whatever because you know how like sometimes you just want to do what.

You want and my parents raised me to to where.

Like if you live under my roof then it’s not gonna happen we know that so I’m like okay then I’m gonna show you or whatever but anyway no um thank God for.

My mom a very strong young man and anyway my work ethic is just like it’s just.

Amazing like I I don’t know like guys like I’ve been through a blonde let me say that I’m like she said bosses like like everybody we’ve all been through something but you know like we all have like those tough moments in our life and sometimes stuff can get so hard.

And when you think back and you like how the heck did I do that how the heck did I make it through but it’s like anything is possible for me because of the way that I moved.

Like you know like how I said like I move with my life is like based on my integrity and order and logic and you know how I said like I don’t take a risk unless it makes sense logically that has.

Gotten me so far like like if there’s nothing wrong with filling as I said in my last video but you know like it’s um better if you feel less if you can teach yourself if you can train yourself to feel less get what I’m saying like it’s okay to feel but if you’re doing it too much then obviously something needs to be fixed and you know like I’ve just grown a lot for me like I’m that’s not gonna happen to me uh dinner I said everything I know I’m gonna say every.

Oh another important thing then I’ll just catch myself saying all the likes right away but anyway I know how to be alone like I literally don’t need a nobody like I don’t like I literally don’t even if I like want them around or something I don’t really need them like I.

Like I don’t need nobody around I’m not talking about like as far as like support and love from.

People but I’m just saying I’d like ask somebody being present and you know go on a bed alone and just being at home alone you know just being alone like I’m not that like I really don’t I don’t.