Ifitnurse Pearl No 5 | Series For Graduate Nurses & Icu Nurses

Don’t feel very confident or you’re just between two things that you’re thinking about go ahead and utilize your nursing buddies your chargers that’s why they’re there your physicians for instance I had a patient where we were discharging him and Yanni was pretty much just find this kind of stack like maybe a hundred and one and then all of a sudden I’m waiting for ambulance to get there to transport.

And they go into the 130s and I just you know the steps that I go through okay let me grab a 12-lead and all the stuff find out what’s going on just to make sure ah let’s get I’m about to discharge patient need to find out do I have to hold this discharged or not and then I would communicate to the physicians hey just want to let you know this is a 12 either to see he kind of just he’s been you know ninety nine all day then all of a sudden.

He’s been you know 930 s for about 15-20 minutes like is there anything you need me to do is this like totally out.

Of the blue would be okay to be discharged again this is why we’re in a like a group oriented career we are there to a collaborative relationship between these doctors and everyone else that’s part of their health care team so those are the steps that I do by seeing arrhythmia change obviously different steps if it is a fatal arrhythmia change obviously you would call a code and run code.

But this is just basic initial steps that I want you to kind of get in the habit of and again don’t get into this routine feeling mindset that the person is gonna stay normal sinus or controlled afib until you leave your shift absolutely not.

To assess don’t miss it don’t miss the change don’t miss opportunity to help the patient so if you have any questions leave in the comment section below don’t forget to comment like and.

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