Baby Hair & High Bun Tutorial

Hey hey guys so my name is Tia this little my friends video I’m it I didn’t know what I should have did it on so I just or something that I do every day and that’s my bunny with my opinion so that’s what I’m gonna be doing today um yeah so pressing hurry picking on my hand and you.

Can see my head still not be like so don’t when the background lost my son.

We’re gonna be using got to be boots right actors I don’t know how to explain how to do a taste test to be honest I will not do the lava so you know gotta do it if you don’t know how to because of somebody else’s video if I have to so just.

Gonna be super my baby has to decide but in our baby here to take so many years but you know what I mean listen to that you know take so long like I don’t know when you notice how long I.

Take to do that God and the first I like me like a little bit quickly that’s because white oak.

Really kicked my teeth so loud without noise so now I’m gonna take a little bit more to do like Louis I burn it.

When I’m done with that I’m gonna start my poncho I want to go with this out faster got to be still that’s a good water slide I like that one because that so thick is more like it’s like so it’s like slowing so I’m just gonna put it my hair don’t go brush it on man even in the press I said I fired anything right in front of my face I’m so I’m professionally just gonna brush that.

I will not be will hold there like any ponytail and brush at the same time I never work so I’m just gonna brush it and then I was just gonna put it up onto wrap that up about three to four times and then you just take that cut that out and then you just want to wrap it around this take it twist the ends and then you wrap it you have it.

All but at this point my camera died so I’m so sorry about that but make sure you like comment subscribe and comment any.