New Female Spiderman Cac Saiyan Build! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Female Spiderman Costume Cac Gameplay

All right what is up this is slow plays max we were Dragonball xenoverse to sell today guys we were coming back at it again with a custom character based mod this time around combining a bunch of elements and a couple requests from you dudes in the comments section below I’ve been getting some requests on certain custom character movesets.

Skills and all that so I decided to collectively try to incorporate them into this mod if I didn’t cover something that you guys requested I do apologize I’m trying my best to get all of them you know pretty much situated to where I can actually get these working with the.

Certain character that I’m trying to use so we got my girl she’s back ktl and she got a new hairstyle looking good and.

Of course you’re already seeing the.

Beauty that is the spider-man costume created by alpha q he did such a great phenomenal job on this and who’s actually a costume I think he released for Halloween but he did a really nice job and.

I thought you know what might as well cover it we got a new hairstyle going on it’s actually I think the ultra instinct Bardock hair or the corrupted Super Saiyan God Bardock here or something like that and you know it’s got some hair in the back for you know the female because it looks great we got the pitar earrings rocking it hardcore the beautiful face going on she’s looking great and it’s just awesome seeing this and yes.

My friends she does have the actual I guess like webslinger action going on on her wrists and everything but yeah this I’m not sure if this is based off of a certain.

Style of spider-man I mean usually it’s like you know traditional would be the red of blue this one is black in red and I guess that might be a female variation of it all I can think of is that there’s.

Gwen stacy she’s gonna be in like that new spire diverse into the spider verse movie and no guys this isn’t like a promotion.

For the movie I just thought you know cuz spider-man’s awesome the new game came up for ps4 and everything and there’s a venom movie spider-man’s been you know going hardcore this.

Year and then of course we’re getting into the spire diverse movie I think next month if I’m not mistaken so very excited to go see that and you know I just thought it’d be fun to do.

Something with our custom characters it’s been quite some time so we actually do have a mess look at the little Spider Man Spider Woman doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo dude did it it dude it it did today – dude did it.

Did it oh my god that was so dumb oh my goodness I love it.

I love it so pretty much we’re gonna go ahead and go into the versus mode showcase the moveset have a great time and it’s gonna be fun guys so I’ll see you guys back over there aren’t my friends so kind of.

Tickle now his little 99 and she is big chillin looking amazing phenomenal fantastic as always we have psyches I guess move set the.

Sai cuando cuando moveset if you want to call it that I felt that that would work the best because you know it’s got all the acrobatic crap going on and it’s freaking sick and amazing.

Everyone in the description below that you know pretty much contributed to this mod and everything but move set wise for the.

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