Interview – Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanthanan, Featured Speaker On Climate Change At Nsta 2017

V Ramanathan he is a distinguished professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego thank you so much for joining us today I’m delighted to be part of this conversation yes you had your speech here at the NSC a conference a very important speech about climate change which by.

The way I don’t really want to call you the father of climate change but you’re definitely the father of the atmosphere brown cloud is.
That what they call you you made some pretty.

Important discoveries back in the day tell us about that well I’ve been working in this area for last 40-plus years one of my first discovery.

Was about the so-called super greenhouse gases and.

We were thinking at that time this is fully asic of carbon dioxide laser on the greenhouse gas and I showed that their compounds called chlorofluorocarbon CFC they were used as refrigerants and propellant those days and there were about 10,000 times.

More potent than carbon dioxide and fortunately those compounds were then and so it’s not a major issue other things.

Which which I think was an important development was in.

Nineteen eighty 36 years ago I had realized this climate.

Change problem could become see so I wanted to test the fire how well it was defined so i used the best science them and made a prediction that global warming would be detected by year 2000 if the science was valid and unfortunately for the planet version two thousand a thousand winters got.

Together and said yes they are seeing a warming and yes it’s just human activity and there are numerous other predictions like that which have been very fine which is amazing so it hats off to you not a great prediction obviously not one that you wanted to.

Make but a very important one indeed now let’s fast forward to here today obviously performing climate change.
It’s become a hot political topic.

How do you what would your message to the teachers today because.

I guess the question would be how do teachers effectively teach climate change in such a hot-button political environment where this free issues here first is for the teachers it convey to.

The kids and how scientific sitting in various parts of the world discovered this phenomena okay based on data based on some side and the second thing the most important thing is to convict them although it looks imminent business urgent it looks hopeless the problem is still solvable okay then numerous solution and.

If you take a kid who is in kindergarten today well you can duck child reaches teenage into high school we are predicting the climate change is going to go into a dangerous zone fortunately there is two times so we want lots of young people getting into this with out-of-the-box thinking.

And come with innovative solutions and the last issue is we can are so what if you solve the problem we are not asking people to go back to the Stone Age or could go back to the horse and buggy days we’re just asking students find out.

Ingenious way to tact energy and conclude the lives of.

People we’re talking about going into 21st century not going back so that that way it.

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