Nate Jones"errol Spence Drinks Too Much!thats Why I Pick Crawford 2 Beat Him!"

Barbershop conversation guys feel free hit the subscribe button so I got emails deals I’m sure like everybody has as relates cuz it’s a firestorm Nate Jones says Earl Spence drinks too much and he picks Terence Crawford to defeat him because of his bad habits now let me put this disclaimer out so people you know so you guys can.

Understand my mindset you’re I the person dictating this video has never drank never smoke I’ve never failed a prescription I work out over 300 days a year I.

Am I fully understand by the time I’m 100% honest with my mortality I I attempt to over produce testosterone every day because I know I’ve had conversation with older men I am very honest with myself in terms of my human limitations and in terms of preserving it right and I think that’s important to this video because so you guys can understand where I’m coming from I don’t know if see.

Here you this is in my humble opinion circumstantial evidence cuz I’ve never.

Seen Earl’s fins take a drink I’ve never seen anyone else taking a drink but let’s go.

Assumption that he does drink fact is I don’t care if you smoke weed you smoke you.

Drink you eat bad or another thing – I was a vegetarian and a vegan for 12 years I’m not I’m not that now but so if you if you smoke you drink you eat.

Fatty foods high cholesterol high salts high sugar it will halt your growth it will halt your.

Ability to stay at the apex for an extended period of time I’ve never partied with Earl Spence I’ve never partied.

With any professional fighters and anything and I’ll give you an example of so you’re gonna say I partied with Kevin Durant III I’ve seen Kevin Durant spend twenty thousand ten twenty thousand dollars on a table and not take a drink I’ve gone.

Out with Floyd Mayweather and I’ve never seen him take a drink I’ve seen I’ve gone out with other fighters not going out with him per se but like been in.

The same party event with them and seeing them fake drink I’ve seen them so I’ve and I’ve seen them actually drink so I’ve gone across the whole gamut.

Right and I can’t speak on if if he’s an alcoholic I I don’t.

1,000% don’t believe Earl Spencer’s an alcoholic I I do know that he’s 28 he’s rich he’s successful he’s powerful power popular excuse me he’s a top-ten fighter in the world depending on how you rate your fighters and so I would lean on the fact that he parties he does you see it on his histogram he.

Uh he uh he hosts a lot of parties I’ve never been at an event where he’s hosted but I would lean on the fact that he’s 28 and I’m sure.
He’s hung out and you know done done with.

28 year old to do I can’t speak on him being an alcoholic but I would lean on the fact that he parties probably party probably.

Had a drink or two like I would say at least 70% of 28 year olds I’ll say this I don’t care if it’s one drink two drinks three drinks four drinks if you put poison in your body you.

Put poison up that’s it it’s.

It’s it’s no way if ands or buts about it you understand.

You put bad food and you put bad food in you get high blood pressure you lower your testosterone count you get cholesterol you get your leg amputated.

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