The Avenger – Ces 2011 Engadget Video Review

Ok this is the measure xbox 360 adapter this is not just like this and basically it’s designed to improve the gamers position speed and dexterity and agility the way that it does that is by allowing us to leave our thumbs on the analog sticks while accessing other simultaneous and concurrent functions for example if I want to use the.

B button I can use I can utilize that with my index with my knuckle from this position I can also utilize the Y button allowing.

Me to free up these other fingers for other uses now on this for racing position and I can grab the straps and utilize the triggers as well speaking of the trailers there’s some preload there they’re very stiff so I can take that feel it out by turning the.

Trigger into a hair trigger which is very very Swift to the touch very very fine a just glides touch now if I want to loosen it up a power problem I can just rip the controller ever so easily.

When I am ready to use it I can just give it a gentle squeeze rather than a pull all of the levers are they all adjust to your own personal preference these are sensitivity adjusters which a strengthen the buttons or loosen them depending on your own personal preference this is a stabilizer stand for those of us that want to play on a tabletop reclines.

Laying down the controllers designs for hardcore gamers.

Of articular gaming abilities to the next level is for those of us that want that one more simultaneous function while having a more immersive gaming experience in either tournaments or online gaming battles or anything.
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