Fawn With Poppies Timelapse And Panda Chat

Hey guys how’s it going I am going to show you how I painted the fawn wearing a crown of poppies today a little time lapse of the illustration this is my second time making this illustration first time and unlike how it turned out so I thought you know what the good people of YouTube deserve better I deserve better.

I can do better so okay in all seriousness here’s here’s how this one I did a pencil sketch of a fawn wearing a crown of poppies I used reference photos for the fun.

I used a few different google images that I found I used a few different images of.

Poppies I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen.

Up happy in real life to be quite honest but I really like them because they are sacred to Hecate who is one of my favorite goddesses favorite and this is that I you know when I think of goddesses you know there’s a couple that come to mind head gates the first one bridget is the second one I think that you know I’ve had experiences you know that I you know I relate to their their.

Stories or you know personalities or you know things like that anyway so I did a pencil sketch first and I scanned that pencil sketch into the computer to create the outline on manga studio I wanted a nice clean outline that I could offer as a coloring page on my patreon and then also I could print that out and that would make a really nice outline for me to use my light box to transfer the image to what color paper the pencil sketch that I had done ended up being.

I had only meant to do the outline but I got really into it and I added the shading and the fur and all that kind of stuff and so it was a little hard to transfer and by transfer I just mean trace so you put down the image the outline that you’ve already drawn onto the lightbox and then you put the watercolor paper over it and then you trace and.

So that way you don’t you do a bunch of sketching on your watercolor.

Paper you don’t do a bunch of erasing on your watercolor paper and then totally mess up the the surface of your paper so I like to keep my watercolor paper really nice and neat that’s also why I wear the crazy-looking.

Gloves that you see in there I originally was wearing my raccoon gloves the ones you know they don’t have fingers but those have so much fiber coming off them.

They’re a bazillion years old and so they they catch cat and dog hair really easily which we have an abundance of in our home and so these particular gloves don’t have that kind.

Of lint issue and they’re made actually for using with a digital you know with a computer screen where you’re doing digital sketches and stuff but I already have an upgraded sort of a glove for that that was one of my old presents from Steven last year so so I just cut the fingers out of that so that it would.

Be comfortable to use and I can still protect my watercolor paper here you can see I’m not.

Always using them sometimes I just forget but if you use it the majority of the time at least you know you’re you’re not getting a ton of oils from your hands onto the watercolor fever so like I said before this is my second time doing this illustration the first time I did not like how the muzzle turned out it was it was very large and bulbous looking and and just.