Grizzly Ii: The Concert Review (love That Goofy Bear)

Oh boy yeah if we watch it really experience into the concert that is correct Bruce Lee to the concert in 1983 sequel to grizzly won not the concert in 1976 this fucking movie yeah grizzly one was basically just a ripoff of jaws but with a bear instead of shark it’s not great it’s not as good as the one.

Where it’s a ripoff of jars but jars jars jars doesn’t matter I want to eat that.

Ripoff of jaws but with a pig instead of a shark that was pretty good Razorback yeah that a pig or a boar oh yeah where is a pig well it was like that tomato it.

Was like a giant Razorback boar judge they could like destroy cars and shit it was fraud so that was kind of in the middle yes but there were some highlights in that film the big finale takes place in like a pet food factory it’s great anyway so grizzly to the concert which we may occasionally try not to talk about directed by Andres dots so thoughts says ace I don’t.

Know who directed one Hungarian TV movie and nothing else it’s in Hungarian oh okay ah this was written of course by John McCall who was an actress who.

Was in the first Grizzly David Sheldon who was a writer on the first Grizzly and those are the only two connections and another guy yes okay those are the only two connections to the first movie set from the title and the brights no thank you I might want to.

Issue for other reasons in that.

I have to remember this movie yeah you were asleep Oh kids only like 15 minutes not enough okay so let’s talk about the cinematographer on this okay lászló kovács cinematographer on Easy Rider Oh had Ghostbusters tonight Bobby we will what what all right the original ghost but how did this was a.

Really really bad transfer ah and cinematographers need work too so special effects in this film by Nick Meili who.

Did special effects for life force you know the psychic vampire film where where Patrick Stewart makes out with Steve Railsback and it’s a weird fucking movie man highly recommend that one and on the first two Star Wars films you kind of have you sold on psychic vampires oh yeah it’s great they absorb your life force and if you don’t absorb Sony else’s life force in a certain amount of time you turn.

Into like a shrunken up skeleton person and eventually.

Dust oh oh yeah it’s just like the chain of tag you’re dead basically again oh.

It’s fucked up so no sorry the movie also known as grizzly to the predator and predator the concert was this before predator yes okay probably about four years before.

Hmm I see where they got the idea no I don’t so yeah this is the sequel to grizzly 1976 no we have to talk about this thing so do we start right in with bear point of view shots yeah walk in the woods and growly noises this one heat well.

And immediately I and my sister are put in mind of the film suburban sasquatch because that months really mean one no he’s doing it all wrong road somebody trying to start a power mower yeah it’s a they reviewed it on red letter media anyway so singing to 100,000 people yeah we’re setting up the counselors nearby fuck that it’s god damn.

I’m more than movies coming back to my brain yeah so yes there’s like most of the movie was setting up the con I know I drank most of.