Scrape Facebook Graph Search User Data – Easy Peasy Way – Semalt

Hello this is Chris and welcome to this video where I’m going to show you how you can start scraping with your scrubber because this is quite interesting the possibilities of you how you can use this now my second cousin she just did write a novel she started them by the people to like her Facebook page and I’m going.

To use that Facebook page as our case study so you can see how powerful this stuff is so this is the name of her Facebook page and I’m going to see if I can find people who.
Like this page so add their 65 we can see.

That well because we are on the Facebook page as well but would it be powerful if we could find friends of people who like her page let’s see if what that’s going to give us all right so let’s just activate our scraper again and it’s just.

Scrolling that’s going to go on and on and on now I might as well just pause the videos right now and let the scraper do its thing.

Here it will just scroll to the end of the page but I can always stop it if I what do if I think I have an off because on this page there are are more than a thousand people on.

The result of this search but I’m quite excited to see how many we will be able to scrape but let’s see what what happens when when it’s ready doing a scrolling thing here and I will just come.

Back to you in a second alright I had to stop the plug-in now because it just kept on going I did not expect these 65 friends that like this page to have that many friends but it just went on and on and on it probably been standing like this for.

Several hours so I’m just going to hit love download hit the download data now to see how many be grabbed so let’s see well that has collected 6,000 189 uses for us now why is.

This powerful well it’s powerful because I was able to describe these users and I don’t I’m not even an admin of this page I would be able to just send this text file to the.

Owner of that page and say you should do do these steps so take the file upload it to create a custom audience and target your like promoted post against this audience.

Because everybody every will on one of these six over six thousand people will have a friend that already like this.

Page so you can really target that adding it that add could say something like that ties in with the relevance.
That you have not like this.

This page yet but some of your friends haven’t that that’s going to make an impact so you can see how you can maybe use this also for in all you know in in in different scenarios where you like offline businesses or or special interest self areas and so forth so in the next video I’m.
Going to show you how you can create.

The the custom audience for now I’m just going to say ok here and I already have my file downloaded here I could just open that for you you could see see how I like.

If you could see how long this file is so six thousand one hundred lines of users here so.