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Hey everyone it’s Jamie guys thank you so much for coming to my channel so like I said to you guys I’ll be doing a review for y’all this is the review the first one that I got in the mail a couple days a few days ago this is what it looks like oops sorry for shaking the camera thank.

You guys so much for joining me and I appreciate it okay so as you can see it’s a review plus a giveaway okay so the company that I’m doing this review for I’m gonna actually open this up.

Have not opened it yet okay so let me just grab my scissors so I’m basically okay um one sec almost done confess quite excited this company got in touch with me about a little over a month ago they asked me if I could do hey welcome to my channel.

Appreciate you being here um hi so um they wanted me to do this review for them an honest review which which I always do this is the item and that I receive you know what.

I’m gonna tell you guys right now I was very excited for the company to get in touch with me.

I’m honestly they got in touch with me about a month to two months ago they asked me if I would do a review for this and I was like oh my gosh yes for sure I would love to ever do a review for this so I’m gonna do it right now this company was so nice.

Enough that they were gonna give me one for free for a giveaway which is amazing on them I really appreciate that so I’m gonna be doing a giveaway and then the company is gonna ship one of these to someone who enters into my giveaway so let me just explain a little bit more about this company and this.

Product okay so the company is called nail polish organizer or sorry not the company the company is called solid Beauty concept that’s who that makes it but this is what the name of the container is called okay I’m I feel very grateful for them to do this honestly I really do I was excited and I am excited because I’ve been doing nails for.
Close to seven years now and I know I have two girls.

And I thought this was amazing amazing invention for this so yeah I’m just gonna explain a little bit about it it’s a portable case it has the condo so if you.
Go to if you want taking with you which that’s.

Very excited about I when I hold my stuff around I use a little suitcase when I hold my stuff and now that I have this now that I have this you can use it.

For when you go to like birthday parties or when you want to go to your friend’s house and you.

Can use this to put all your nail polish in cuz I know I’ve done it where I’ve had to put my bento polish in container like into the luggage and I’m always scared for my nail polish to break or get all over the place so I’m very excited about this very excitable very excited excited about it excitable very excited I’m very excited okay.

So it’s portable you can use it has the handle which is great can carry it there we go nice big sticker here it.

Also says it has a double lock so it looks like it.

One on this side of the other side pretty cool so it has all these little compartments oh well that’s cool too so and.

Then you can also have this little guy here and you can move them along that’s awesome so in case you’re know post a little longer or shorter these are great these are for the organized.
I’m believe for your tools so you can put all your moving.

Use these actually that’s pretty cool there you can take.

Them all out that’s amazing another thing too so it does have the double lock and a double lock lid so that that’s the first one right here and then this is the second one got you guys this is amazing honestly I am so lucky and when it does include too.

Little um toe things guides for your toenails which is great because that there you need when you do pedicures even if you do at home or not.

Like home at your friends or wherever like I mean this is great like girls night Oh amazing okay so assassin it has 48 compartments it’s heavy-duty plastic which it is it is very heavy-duty and holds up to 48 bottles of nail polish has cured double class lid resizable accessory compartments awesome that’s a good thing and it’s designed by beauty professionals which is great it says register your purchase for a one-year warranty and 15% off coupon for your next organizer which I have a lot of nail polish and to have one of these.

Probably wouldn’t be enough for me anyways so yeah it is only guys $20 1995 under 20 bucks for it I will have a coupon code for 10% off which is amazing honestly I’m gonna put that in the description after I’m done with this video 20 bucks I did go on other sites and check to see how much if there was.

Other competitions there was but they’re they’re more money they’re more expensive so this is worth your money I’m assuming it will be very durable you can use it on family fun day.

With your girls or if you want to go to their.

Girl’s house I think this is amazing for it very thick plastic like I said very convenient and say you don’t like it within 30 days I believe.

You get your money back I think that’s what it says in the in the on the website okay I’m gonna link that down um oh yes and it doesn’t even actually says you can hold your makeup another thing that when I was looking at this it.

Can hold my acrylics I love acrylics I have tons of kerlick bottles and it can actually hold your acrylic bottles in there that’s I believe even your nail art guys come on like if you don’t like like me I love acrylics and.

Rhinestones and and all that nail art stuff you get the three let’s see three in there and look how.

Perfect that is that is amazing see oh my gosh guys this is amazing I love it I love it easy to get out because of these little hooks that they have under there that’s awesome awesome awesome awesome guys really good so yeah and they.

Say that you can use this for makeup I’m not sure like say well I don’t know you can probably I don’t know I’m gonna make a person so I don’t know but you can probably try to use it for make up.

It but I’m they use it for my house so.

I want to also just say thank you to Vanessa for letting me.

Do this review you’ve been amazing I really appreciate it don’t forget to.

My code when you do it okay don’t forget to use my code because I’m very excited with this product I love it I I’m excited especially for my.