Comfy Swag | Fashion Nova & Shein | Plus Size & Curvy Try On

Welcome back glam dolls in today’s video I’m sharing with you some pieces that I think are comfy casual and all of that so if you would like to see what I picked up then please stay tuned please make sure that you press subscribe like this video leave me a comment below and here are all my social media links.

They are also down in the description box as well so this first piece I got from fashion Nova this is the tennis courts to set not as long as I.

Would like it to be I am 511 so just for reference for those girls out there so I wish it could have been a little longer but whatever it does actually tie up and make the waist tighter so that’s pretty cool because most of their pants do not and I love the stripes on this set now if you are a conservative person this set may not be for you because it does show the rolls okay if you don’t have any rolls you ain’t got to worry about.

It so I like the top I think the top this being that I have big breasts I wear about it size H bra the actual ties do tighten the hood part of it so I like that the arms of it is very long it comes down past my wrists so that is pretty neat as well I love the color this is moth with white stripes so I’m just showing you the hood there and um I.

Definitely like this set it’s comfortable I wish the pants were a little bit longer but overall I think it’s a pretty cool set what do you deepest think so this next pair is the army girl joggers from fashion.

They do not fit these joggers do not stretch they are not made of a stretchy material so my thighs were too thick they really didn’t even make it at my size the waist of them though however are it’s very big and the little tie portion of.

It actually does not tighten it so I’ll lose a little weight and see what I could possibly do with these pants because I really do like them I love the little white star appliques that goes down the side.

Of them that’s the whole reason I picked.

Them up so I was very disappointed to find out that they do not fit but that’s what happens when you’re dealing with online shopping sometimes so next we’re going to get.
Into sheet and honey and this comfortable dress that I picked up.

From sheet and it is so freaking gorgeous it is all black with white stripes and I just think the white stripes make it stand out and it’s so gorgeous and.
It fits well it ties up at the waist it is a wrap dress so.

You know I love wrap dresses they are so chic quick and easy and you can just run out and do whatever you have to do so um the front is shorter than the back it’s the longer in the back.

Than it is in the front I wish that the actual rap part of the dress was a little deeper because when you do walk or as you move I feel like it opens up a lot more and shows a little more than you.

Might want to show so you do have to be careful of that I love shopping at she in she in one of the best things that you should do with them is hover over the sizes and it will.

Give you the measurements so please make sure when you’re shopping there that you are paying attention and that you know what your measurements are when I measure your busts your waist and your hips and that will help you be.